John Scott Harrison was born 4 October 1804 in Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, United States to William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) and Anna Tuthill Symmes (1775-1864) and died 25 May 1878 in "Point Farm", North Bend, Ohio, United States of unspecified causes. He married Lucretia Knapp Johnson (1804-1830) 1824 . He married Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin (1810-1850) 12 August 1831 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Ancestors are from the United States.


Offspring of John Scott Harrison and Lucretia Knapp Johnson (1804-1830)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Short Harrison (1825-1904)
William Henry Harrison (1827-1829)
Sarah Lucretia Harrison (1829-)

Offspring of John Scott Harrison and Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin (1810-1850)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Archibald Irwin Harrison (1832-1870)
Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901) 20 August 1833 North Bend, Hamilton County, Ohio, United States 13 March 1901 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, United States Caroline Lavinia Scott (1832-1892)
Mary Scott Lord (1858-1948)

Mary Jane Harrison (1835-1867)
Anna Symmes Harrison (1837-1838)
John Irwin Harrison (1839-1839)
Carter Bassett Harrison (1840-1905)
Anna Symmes Harrison (1842-1926)
John Scott Harrison (1844-1926)
James Findlay Harrison (1847-1848)
James Irwin Harrison (1849-1850)

Namesakes of John Scott Harrison (1804-1878)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
John (Longitude) Harrison (1693-1776)Foulby, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom (Nostell estate)LondonHenry Harrison (1665-1728)Elizabeth Barrell (c1695-1726)+Elizabeth Scott (c1700-1777)
John Harrison (1828-1894)John Harrison (1761-1842)Jane Fenwick (c1761-)
John Harrison (c1813-)Roystone, Yorkshire, England, United KingdomMary Shaw (c1815-)
John Harrison (1761-1842)William Harrison (1728-1815)Elizabeth Atkinson (c1728-)Jane Fenwick (c1761-)
John Harrison (1874-)John Harrison (c1835-)Jane Liddle (1839-)Jane Hill (1875-)
John Harrison (1772-1848)England, United KingdomWakefield, West Yorkshire, England, United KingdomRobert Harrison (1724-1796)Mary Bell (c1749-1835)Ann Stonehouse (c1772-1854)
John Harrison (c1631-1695)England, United KingdomChristopher Harrison (c1600-)Elizabeth Taylor (c1600-)
John Scott Harrison (1804-1878)Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, United States"Point Farm", North Bend, Ohio, United StatesWilliam Henry Harrison (1773-1841)Anna Tuthill Symmes (1775-1864)Lucretia Knapp Johnson (1804-1830)+Elizabeth Ramsey Irwin (1810-1850)
John Thomas Harrison (1880-1959)Byers Green, County Durham, EnglandKersey, Elk County, Pennsylvania, United StatesJoseph Harrison (1860-1942)Sarah Jane Raisbeck (1861-1944)Mary Susannah Buskirk (1880-1945)

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