John Perkins was born 3 July 1652 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts to Jacob Perkins (1624-1699) and Elizabeth Unknown Perkins (1632-1685) and died 15 March 1717 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Mary Fiske (1655-1695) 1 January 1676 in Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Research Notes

John Perkins and his wife Mary Fiske are mentioned in the book, "The Family of John Perkins of Ipswich, Mass: Complete in Three Parts" which can be found online here: (see page 8 - this book has more than one "page 8.") which lists the children of John Perkins and Mary Fiske - 8 children are listed. Of these 8 children, only 1 is actually listed in Wenham vital records (Esther).

More about this couple can be learned from the book, "Genealogy of the Descendants of John White of Wenham and Lancaster ..., Volume 1" (Free on Google Books). On page 17 we find the following: "Capt. Fiske made his will, Apr. 24, 1705, proved Sept. 1, 1707; mentions wife Martha, oldest son Thomas, son-in-law John Perkins, Ann Perkins (grandau.), grandson Andrew Dodge, son-in-law John Dodge and his four children Phineas, Amos, Martha, and Elizabeth, [and] daughters Sarah Dodge and Elizabeth Brown." Mary died in 1695, and therefore didn't make it into the will. This source, on page 25, lists the same birthdate for John, and the same 8 children.

There is a death record for Mary in Wenham vital records: Perkins, Mary, w. John, Oct. 9, 1695. She died only a few days after youngest daughter Esther was born.

After her death, John remarried. Their intentions are listed in Wenham vital records: Perkins, John, and Elizabeth Prythatch of Ipswich, int. Sept. 18, 1696. (These are intentions and according to the above-referenced book about John Perkins, the actual marriage was 13 Oct. of that year.) I don't believe this couple had children.

Elizabeth's death is also listed in Wenham vital records: Perkins, Elisabeth, w. John, Jan. 2, 1710-11.

After which John married a third time; their intentions are listed in Wenham vital records: Perkins, John, and Mary Hoopper, of Boston, int. Apr. 8, 1711.


Offspring of John Perkins and Mary Fiske (1655-1695)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Perkins (1680-1757)
Martha Perkins (1682-1724)
Sarah Perkins (1687-1749)
Thomas Perkins (1689-1749)
Mary Perkins (1691-)
Rebecca Perkins (1692-1774) 1692 Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts 3 July 1774 Middlesex County, Massachusetts Thomas Howe (1692-1777)
Anna Perkins (1692-)
Ester Perkins (1695-1780)



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