John Messerly
Sex: Male
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth Huffman [1]
Marriage: Richmond Twp, Berks Co, PA
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John Messerly

AKA: "Jora" Messerly (typo), John Messerley (typo), Hannes Mässerly, Hannes Meserly, Johannes Messerle

  • 1810 Census Rockingham, VA: Appears as "Jora" Messerly . 1 male bef1765, female#1 bef1765. female#2 1784/1794; female#3 ca 1794/1800;
  • 1820 Census Rockingham, VA: Appears as John Messerley, male#1 bef1775, male#2 ca 1794/1804; male#3 ca1810-ca1820; Female#1 bef1775. No other females. Speculation: female#2 would be from 26-36 YO, probably married by now. Female #3, would be 20-26, also eligible. Male#3 could be a child from one of these. Male#2 could be Solomon Messerly, since there was a male heir of John Messerly. Unfortunately, Solomon's eldest child was born 1808, so he would be 14YO if born 1794-1796

In the Church Register of Friedens Union Church, his name is given in variant German spellings: Hannes Mässerly, Hannes Meserly, and Johannes Messerle.[2]



Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of John Messerly (bef1765) and Elizabeth HUFFMAN
Solomon 1832 Switzerland
Catharine 1788
Mary 1796 Rockingham Co, VA
Mary Elizabeth 16 Aug 1798 Rockingham Co, VA

Source of all entries is [Showalter]


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