Gov. Maj. Gen. John Leverett was born 1616 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom to Thomas Leverett and Anne Fisher and died 16 March 1678 Massachusetts Bay Colony, North America of unspecified causes. He married Sarah Sedgwick (c1630-1704) in England, United Kingdom.

John Leverett (baptized 7 July 1616 – 16 March 1678/79[a 1]) was an English colonial magistrate, merchant, soldier and the penultimate governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Born in England, he migrated to Massachusetts as a teenager. He was a leading merchant in the colony, and served in its military. In the 1640s he went back to England to fight in the English Civil War.

He was opposed to the strict Puritan religious orthodoxy in the colony. He also believed the colonial government was not within the power of the English crown and government, a politically hardline position that contributed to the eventual revocation of the colonial charter in 1684. His business and military activities were sometimes intermingled, leading some in the colony to view him unfavorably. However, he was popular with his troops, and was repeatedly elected governor of the colony from 1673 until his death in 1679. He oversaw the colonial actions in King Philip's War, and expanded the colony's territories by purchasing land claims in present-day Maine.


Offspring of Gov. Maj. Gen. John Leverett and Sarah Sedgwick (c1630-1704)
Name Birth Death Joined with
John Leverett, Jr. (c1645-)
Sarah Leverett I (1648-d young)
Sarah Leverett II (1648-d young)
Elizabeth Leverett (1651-1685) 26 April 1651 Boston, Essex County, Massachusetts 21 July 1685 Elisha Cooke (1637-1715)
Ann Leverett (1652-1717) 1652 1717 John Hubbard (1648-1710)
Sarah Leverett III (1654-)
Mary Leverett (c1655-)
Hannah Leverett (aft1657-c1732)
Rebecca Leverett (1644-)
John Leverett III (1688-d young)
Sarah Leverett IV (1670-d young)
Sarah Leverett V (1673-)



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¶ Death
  • He died March 16, 1678/79