Mo While the fame of early New England Colonist the Rev. John Lathrop (1584-1653) may not have lasted much beyond his life, famous descendants continue to influence the world through this day. His direct descendants in America and elsewhere number more than 80,000.  He has had many notable descendents, including at least 6 US presidents, as well as many other prominent Governors, and government and business people.

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  • Pitkin, Abigail (1797-1847) - ( ALathrop, ELathrop, BLathrop, HLathrop, JLathrop2, JLathrop1). Married 7 January 1846 to Heber C. Kimball. She died in the Latter-day Saint refugee camp of Winter Quarters. Her mother, Abigail Lathrop, was a distant cousin to Lois Lathrop, the Cutler girls' mother. (Clarrisa Cutler and Prescinda Huntington) - no children.
  • Pitkin, Laura (1790-1866) - (Sister to Abigail). Married on 3 February 1846. Frequently served as mid-wife for the Kimball family. No Children.

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Unless it the lineage is clearly documented similar to above, this list is highly suspect.