John Howarth was born 1810 in Lower Durham, Lancashire, England and died 8 July 1844 Towrang, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes.

Life in the 80th Regiment

John Howarth enlisted into the 80th regiment of Foot in October 1831. With the rest of his regiment he was posted to Ireland during the period 1832 to 1834. It was while he was posted in Ireland that he met and married his wife, Mary Ann McCann, an Irish Catholic girl who had been born in county Armaugh in Northern Ireland.

After his posting in Ireland John was posted back to England. It is therefore not known if John's eldest daughter Annie was born in Northern Ireland or England. His next daughter, Sarah Mary was born in England before John was posted to New South Wales to join the rest of his regiiment that had begun to arrive in New South Wales in 1834. A record of the ship that John, his wife, and 2 small daughters arrived on t New South Wales has not been located. From the birth of their first child in New South Wales, and from his wife's death record they arrived in New South Wales in about 1838. Their first child born in New South Wales was born on 7 January 1839 at Hoxham near Newcastle.

On 1 April 1839 John enlisted in Mounted Police of the 80th Regiment. In August 1839 he was discharged from the Mounted Police and resumed his normal duties.

John was next posted to the Towrang Convict Stockade near Goulburn. It was at Towrang that his next child Amelia Jane was born in 1841. When Amelia was christened in 1841 at Goulburn John Howarth was listed as a private in the 80th Regiment. It was also at Towrang that his son James drowned at the age of 3 years in 1842, and his next daughter Mary Ann was born in about 1842.

Then on 8 July 1844 John died at Towrang shortly before his regiment departed New South Wales in August 1844.

John's next child, Elizabeth, was born after his death on 15 August 1844 at Towrang.

==Towrang Convict Stockade The Towrang Convict Stockade was the chief convict camp in the southern district of the New South Wales Colony from about 1833 to 1844. The Stockade site is located next to the Hume Highway, twelve kilometres north of Goulburn, New South Wales.

The convicts housed here were engaged in the construction of the Great South Road from Sydney to Goulburn under the Surveyor General, Sir Thomas Mitchell.

At all times there were approximatey 250 convicts at Towrang. Harsh discipline was imposed. Convicts slept on bare boards with a blanket each and ten men to a cell.

John Howrath's grave

John Howarth's gravestone reads:
To the memory
Who departed this
Life the 7th of July,1844 aged
34. My days have declined like
A shadow and I am withered
Like grass but thou O Lord
Endurest forever and thy
Memorial to all generations.

Buried in the same grave is his wife Mary Ann, and his son James.


Offspring of Mary Ann McCann and John Howarth (1810-1844)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Annie Howarth (c1834-) 1834 United Kingdom
Sarah Mary Howarth (c1836-1895) 1836 England 12 February 1895 Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia Charles Sydney Fuller (-1909)
James Howarth (1839-1842) 7 January 1839 Hexham, New South Wales, Australia July 1842 Towrang, New South Wales, Australia
Amelia Jane Howarth (1841-1900) 5 April 1841 Towrang, New South Wales, Australia 25 October 1900 Temora, New South Wales, Australia James Daniel Selmes (1835-1914)
Mary Ann Howarth (1842-) 6 August 1842 Towrang, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia James Green (1832-1896) James Green (1832-1896) Richard Stewart
Elizabeth Howarth (1844-) 15 August 1844 Towrang, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia John Dougill (-1874) John Dougill (-1874) William Richard Woodman Gibbs



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