The accompanying figure shows the approximte location of Houston land holdings on Borden's grant during the early settlement era (c1740-1750). The immigrant ancestor, John Houston (1680-1754) (1), settled close to the boundary between Borden's grant and Beverley's Manor. His son Robert Houston (1720-1761) (3) settled further south, near the Timber Ridge Meeting House. Son [[John Houston (1726-1798) settled somewhere on Hays Creek. The exact location of his property is not known. The relationship between John the immigrant and James Houston (4) who settled in the northeastern most corner of Borden's grant has not been deteremined. Supposedly John the immigrant did have a son James, but this son is said to have remained in Ireland, dying of consumption shortly after the family's migration in 1735, It is possible that he is a grandson of John the Immigrant, but he's clearly an adult c1740, and the sons of John the immigrant would just have reached marriagable ages at that time, and so would not have adult children.
Houston Land Holdings (c1740-1750).jpg
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