John De La Howe Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA


  • Location: At John de la Howe School, eight miles Northwest of McCormick
  • Dr. de la Howe in the second paragraph of his will left instructions for his burial as follows: "In premis, it is my will and desire that my remains shall be buried as near as can be to the spot where those of the late Miss Rebecca Woodin are deposited on the hill opposite to the dwelling house wherein we both resided together and I still do reside on my plantation or farm named Lethe, as the last mark and testimony of my friendship and sense which I ever have retained of her merit. And it is further my will that as soon as it can conveniently be done after my decease a substantial brick wall shall be build around our sepulchres not less than ten feet square in the clear, eight feet above ground, and two bricks thick with a substantial door and lock and that the whole of it shall forever be kept up and in good order and the area within clear of bushes and weeds and that the following inscription in large iron capitals shall forever be kept encased in the door: Rebecca Woodlin Obit 4th Oct. 1788. Joes de la Howe Fundator Hujas Seminarii Agriculturalis, with the date of my decease."
  • Rebecca Woodin Obit, MDCCLXXXVIII, Joannes DE LA Howe, hujas agriculturalis, Seminarii Fund Atiir, OB Januario II MDCCXCVII



Additional graves on site:

Grave 1 - Rev. James Bennett Branch, Aug. 2, 1882 - July 8, 1931, Superintendent of the de la Howe School, 1919 - 1931, his wife, Nora Pryse Branch, Apr. 3, 1881 - May 4, 1983, Christ's faithful soldiers and servants unto their life's end

Grave 2 - James Bennett Branch, Born November 13, 1921, Died May 10, 1945; He gave his life in the service of his country at the battle of Okinawa in World War II.

Grave 3 - Mary Naomi Beard, March 12,1909 - June 9, 1936, wife of P.B. Moragne, Gone but not forgotten

Grave 4 - Ernest Gray, Born July 28, 1916, Died May 18, 1929; Suffer little children to come unto me.

Grave 5 - In memory of Clifford Williams, January 1, 1919 - January 23, 1929, Little ones to Him belong

Grave 6 - [unmarked]

Grave 7 - [unmarked]


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