John Carren Starr was born in 1620 to John Starr and Dorothy.

During the Civil War in England around 1650, John was a Captain in the Parliament Army when Cromwell conquered Ireland. After the war, Captain Starr Settled in Ulster. He also resided at Old Castle, County Heath, Ireland.

In 1649, Captain John Starr accompanied the forces of William of Orange into Ireland to put down Catholic revolts there. The subjugation of the Irish was bloody and complete. Many ranking officers like Captain Starr were given land grants in Ireland and settled there. Captain Starr settled in county Meath around the town of Oldcastle, and became a Quaker. He married an English woman named Mary.


Offspring of ' and Mary Unknown
Name Birth Death Joined with
John Starr (1648-?) 1648 Coothill, Ireland 9999 Ireland Mary Thompson (c1649-1744)

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