John Bosanko
Sex: Male
Birth: c1740
Death: buried 29/08/1779, Crowan, Cornwall
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Williams
Marriage: 25/01/1761, Crowan, Cornwall

The date and location of John Bosanko's birth and baptism is currently unknown, as are the names of his parents and siblings. Based on his marriage and burial, he was born in approximately 1740.

The name Bosanko is occassionally spelt differently in official records. Alternative spellings include Bosankoe and Bosanquet.

Marriage[edit | edit source]

John married on the 25th Janury 1761 in Crowan, Cornwall to Sarah Williams. Her origins are currently unknown.

John's occuption was recorded on the marriage record as tinner. The couple settled in Crowan and had 10 known children, 5 who are beleived to have survived to adulthood. All of the children were baptised in the Crowan parish church.

Death[edit | edit source]

John died and was buried on the 29th August 1779, aged approximately 39 years. How he died is currently unknown.

Wife Sarah would remarry four years later and have two more children.

Children[edit | edit source]

Name Birth Death
Children of John and Sarah Bosanko"

Sarah baptised 20/02/1762
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
before 1771

John baptised 09/05/1764
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
buried 29/01/1765
buried Crowan, Cornwall

Jenefer baptised 13/05/1764
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

John baptised 03/02/1766
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

Richard baptised 09/07/1769
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

Sarah baptised 23/06/1771
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
buried 02/03/1777
buried Crowan, Cornwall

Mary baptised 02/06/1773
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
before 1786?

Ann baptised 19/03/1775
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

Grace baptised 28/02/1777
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
before 1784?

Samuel baptised 30/01/1778
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

References[edit | edit source]

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