John Boreland of Kilraughts (-1778)
John Boreland
Sex: Male
Birth: before 1720
County Antrim, Ireland
Death: 1778
Spouse/Partner: Ann Guthrie (bef1724-c1745)
Marriage: circa 1738
County Antrim, Ireland
Children: James Boreland (c1739-bef1765)
Ann Boreland (c1741-?)
Barbara Boreland (c1743-?)
Andrew Boreland (1744-?)
John Boreland II (c1746-1830)
Samuel Boreland (1748-1811)
Janet Boreland (c1750-?)
Marryan Boreland (c1753-?)
Thomas Boreland (c1756-?)
William Boreland (c1759-?)
Isabella Boreland (c1762-?)
Matthew Boreland (c1763-1843)
James Boreland (1765-?)
2nd Spouse: Rachel Moore (c1720-aft1763)
2nd Marriage: circa 1746
Northern Ireland


John was born before 1720 in County Antrim, Ireland. His parents are unknown. Based on the Y-DNA of descendant Kevin Borland, John Boreland was of haplogroup E1b1b1. Based on the family trees of close DNA matches, John was a descendant of the Borlands of the Strathclyde region of Scotland, and a cousin of the Borelands of Clondavaddog (Donegal, Ireland), the Borlands of Galston and Loudoun (Ayrshire, Scotland), and the Borlands of Avondale (Lanarkshire, Scotland). Based on documented research, John was the ancestor of the Borlands of Westmoreland (Pennsylvania, USA) the Borlands of Bowerston (Harrison County, Ohio) and the Borlands of Carroll (Ohio, USA),

Marriage to Ann Guthrie[]

John married first Ann Guthrie (bef1724-c1745) around the year 1738 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Children by Ann Guthrie[]

Marriage to Rachel Moore[]

John married second Rachel Moore (c1720-aft1763) around the year 1746 in Northern Ireland.

Children by Rachel Moore[]


John died 1778 in Northern Ireland.

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