John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont, 6th Baron Beaumont, was born 16 August 1410 to Henry Beaumont, 5th Baron Beaumont (c1380-c1413) and Elizabeth Willoughby (c1382-bef1428) and died 10 July 1460 Battle of Northampton (1460) of killed in action. He married Elizabeth Phelip (c1413-bef1442) 23 July 1425 JL . He married Katherine Neville (c1397-c1483) 1442 JL . Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Henry II of England (1133-1189)/s, Hugh Capet (c940-996)/s, William I of England (1027-1087)/s.

John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont (c. 1409–1460), was an English nobleman and magnate from Folkingham, Lincolnshire. He was a councillor to King Henry VI and was rewarded for his services, becoming a leading member of the East Anglian nobility. Beaumont held numerous offices for the crown, and was promoted up the peerage to become the first man with the rank of viscount. He also amassed immense personal wealth, acquired through inheritance, marriage, and royal patronage.


Offspring of John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont and Elizabeth Phelip (c1413-bef1442)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Joan Beaumont (-1466)
Henry Beaumont (bef1438-aft1440)
William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount Beaumont (1438-1507)


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‡ General
₪ Wedding
  • between 1425-07-24 and 1436-07-03
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August 16, 1410 JL +
Joan Beaumont (-1466)+Henry Beaumont (bef1438-aft1440)+William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount Beaumont (1438-1507) +
killed in action +
July 10, 1460 JL +
John Beaumont +
John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont +
[[wikipedia:en:John Beaumont, 1st Viscountwikipedia:en:John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont<new note>John de Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont at thePeerage<new note>John Beaumont, 6th Lord & 1st Viscount Beaumont at Genealogics<new note>WorldConnect: db: yewenyi, id: I13514yewenyi&id=I13514 db: yewenyi, id: I13514] +
Beaumont +
1st Viscount Beaumont +  and 6th Baron Beaumont +
July 23, 1425 JL +
between 1425-07-24 and 1436-07-03 +
John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont +