Johan III of Sweden, King of Sweden, Duke of Finland, Grand Prince of Finland, was born 21 December 1537 in Stegeborg, Sweden to Gustav I of Sweden (1496-1560) and Margaret Eriksdotter Leijonhufvud (1514-1551) and died 27 November 1592 Stockholm, Sweden of unspecified causes. He married Catherine of Poland (1526-1583) 4 October 1562 JL in Vilnius, Lithuania. He married Gunilla Bjelke (1568-c1592) 21 February 1584 . Gustav I of Sweden (1496-1560)/s.


Offspring of Johan III of Sweden and Katarina Hansdotter Kökkemäster (1539-1596)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Augustus Johansson Gyllenhielm (1557-1560)
Sofia Johansdotter Gyllenhielm (c1559-1583)
Julius Johansson Gyllenhielm (1560-c1580)
Lucretia Johansdotter Gyllenhielm (1561-1585)

Offspring of Johan III of Sweden and Catherine of Poland (1526-1583)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elisabet of Sweden (1564-1566)
Sigismund of Sweden (1566-1632) 20 June 1566 30 April 1632 Anna of Austria (1573-1598) Anna of Austria (1573-1598) Constance of Austria (1588-1631)
Anna of Sweden (1568-1625)

Offspring of Johan III of Sweden and Gunilla Bjelke (1568-c1592)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Johan of Sweden (1589-1618)


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December 21, 1537 JL +
Augustus Johansson Gyllenhielm (1557-1560)+Sofia Johansdotter Gyllenhielm (c1559-1583)+Julius Johansson Gyllenhielm (1560-c1580)+Lucretia Johansdotter Gyllenhielm (1561-1585) +
Elisabet of Sweden (1564-1566)+Sigismund of Sweden (1566-1632)+Anna of Sweden (1568-1625) +
Johan of Sweden (1589-1618) +
November 27, 1592 +
Johan III of Sweden +
Johan III of Sweden +
King of Sweden +, Duke of Finland +  and Grand Prince of Finland +
October 4, 1562 JL +
February 21, 1584 +