Joachim von Rohr (1678-1757)
Joachim von Rohr
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Sex: Male
Birth: January 23, 1678 (1678-01-23) (343 years ago)
Swedish Livonia (now Estonia)
Death: November 19, 1757 (age 80)
Swedish Livonia
Father: Hans Christoffer von Rohr (1626-1700)
Mother: Anna Catharina Cronman (1660-?)
Siblings: Maria Elizabeth von Rohr (1679-1710)
Sofia Anna von Rohr (1680-1686)
Anna Catharina von Rohr (1682-1715)
Hans Christoffer von Rohr II (1684-1754)
Spouse/Partner: Catharina Charlotta Klingenberg (1680-1758)
Marriage: circa 1700
Children: Anna Elisabeth von Rohr (1701-1744) ^
Lucia Dorotea von Rohr (1702)
Lunetta von Rohr II (1704-1764)
Helena von Rohr (1706-1780)
Hans Christoffer von Rohr III (1708-1790)
Magnus Joakim von Rohr (1710-1722)
Brita Maria von Rohr (1711-1762)
Catharina Charlotta von Rohr (1714-1784)
Christina Dorothea von Rohr (1717-1800)
Gustaf Johan von Rohr (1723-1739)
Maria Margareta von Rohr (1725-1778)
Note(s): ^ Ruuth and Näslund and Winblad line

Joachim von Rohr (1677-1757) Lieutenant Colonel and Commander of the Dalarö Fortress in Swedish Army (b. January 23, 1677/1678; Swedish Livonia (now Estonia) - d. November 19, 1757, most likely Swedish Livonia)

Name variations[edit | edit source]

  • Joachim von Rohr
  • Joakim von Rohr

Parents[edit | edit source]

Marriage[edit | edit source]

He married Catharina Charlotta Klingenberg (1680-1758) on February 04, 1699/00 in Sweden.[2]

Children[edit | edit source]

Battle of Poltova[edit | edit source]

On 12 June 1710 Joachim von Rohr was taken prisoner during the Siege of Vyborg in the Great Northern War, along with his wife and daughter and sent to Siberia. His daughter would marry Anders Örbom I (1675-1740) Captain, in Solikamski, Perm, Russia.

Death[edit | edit source]

He died on November 19, 1757, most likely in Swedish Livonia.

Relationship[edit | edit source]

Joachim von Rohr (1677-1757) was the seventh great-grandfather of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ).

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  1. ^ Anrep's genealogy conflated two Anna Catharina Cronmans from two different generations. There was an Anna born around 1630 and one born around 1660, possibly 1667. The one born in 1667 would be too young to be the mother of Joachim von Rohr (1677-1757) so it is possible that most genealogies list the wrong wife of Hans Christoffer von Rohr (1626-1700) as his mother. Another possibility is that the year of her birth is wrong and she was born closer to 1660. That would make her the proper age to be the mother of Joachim
  2. ^ Anders Anton von Stiernman (1695-1765) (1836), Swea och Götha Höfdinga-Minne,, retrieved 2012-07-23, "Joachim von Rohr öfwerste-lieutenant, blef 1743 den 21 Jan. Kommendant pä Dalarö stans. Född 1678 den 23 Jan. Gift med Charlotta Klingenberg, Capitainen Johan Jönßon Klingenbergs dotter, ned Fru Elisabeth Wellingk. Son af Capitainen Hans Christopher Georgßon von Rohr, och deß första fru, Anna Katharina Joachimsdotter Cronman." 

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Ancestors[edit | edit source]

Joachim von Rohr (1677-1757)'s ancestors in three generations
Joachim von Rohr (1677-1757) Father:
Hans Christoffer von Rohr (1626-1700)
Paternal Grandfather:
Georg von Rohr (1550-1632)
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Paternal Grandmother:
Margareta von Fleeten (1599-1655)
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Anna Catharina Cronman (1658-1685)
Maternal Grandfather:
Hans Detterman (1590-c1645)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:
Ursula Kordes (1600-1675)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:

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