Jens Julius Jensen (1859-1903)

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Jens Julius Jensen (1859-1902) Musician; Immigrant to the US in 1880; Converted to Methodist in Stavanger, Norway in 1877; Worked in Brass Factory (b. January 1859; Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway - d. May 29, 1902; Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA)

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Death of father[edit | edit source]

Jens' father died in 1864 and the remainder of the family appears in the 1865 Norway Census living in Farsund.

Emigration[edit | edit source]

The whole family emigrated to Chicago in 1880-1881.

Marriage[edit | edit source]

In the United States, Jens married Anna Olsen (1859-1912) on June 7, 1884 in Chicago. Annie had emigrated in 1875.

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Chicago, Illinois[edit | edit source]

The family appears in the 1900 United States Census living in Chicago. In 1900 they had seven children with three living, and had been married for 17 years. Jens is working in a brass foundry.

Death[edit | edit source]

He died on May 29, 1902 according to the Illinois Death Index and his death certificate was number 9162. Arthur Bruce Jensen II (1939- ) says: "Jens may have died while working in a steel mill where he was overcome by fumes." He was buried in Mount Olive Cemetery.

Biography[edit | edit source]

An undated church biography reads as follows:

Jens J. Jensen. Came to America in 1881 from Norway where he was born in Farsund, Mandals and Listers Amt, in 1859, and having been reared and confirmed in the Lutheran faith, was converted in Stavanger in 1877 where he united with the Methodist church, and on coming to Chicago, united with the 1st Norsk-Dansk Methodist Episcopalian church in 1886 transferring to Maplewood Avenue church where he is now chorister; has been trustee for many years, and was formerly S.S. superintendent. His wife, Anna (Olsen), of the same nativity, came with her parents, Soren and Anna Olsen, whose record appears in this volume, to America in 1871, was here converted and is a member of the Ladie's Society of the Maplewood Avenue church. Their children are Jens Arthur and John Sydney, two others Jens Jacob and John Sydney having died in infancy. Mr. Jensen's father, Jens Jacob Hansen, who passed away in Norway in 1864, an adherent of the Lutheran faith, was a talented violinist, the entire family with one exception being musicians. His mother, Anna Marie (Kjarvaldsen) after her husband's death came to America in 1882 and passed away six years later, aged 63 years, having previously embraced the Methodist faith. Mr. Jensen at the age of 14 years left his home for a sailors life, which followed for 3 years, visiting France, Scotland and numerous other countries, on his return home was converted, and about four years later came to America, where he has been one of the most active workers in the Methodist church, also being a member of the Skalden, a musical society.

Memories about Jens Julius Jensen[edit | edit source]

  • Sigried Brigida Jensen (1895-1990) wrote in a letter circa 1960-1965: "Your great-great great grandfather's name was Jens Hansen -- the custom at that time in Norway. The sons were the son of Jens, so their names became Jensen. Your great-great great grandmother married four times, one, out lived her, a Mr. Brecking (sp?) of Chicago. The first one I know nothing of. My grandfather Ossie & Jennies, I do not know for sure -- but believe was her third husband who edited a small paper and believe it was in Farsund, where my father was born. Her other husband owned an inn, two sons born to that marriage. One died in the English Channel, captain of his boat. The other a captain, on the ____. His boat was lost in Lake Michigan. The family moved from Farsund to Stavanger and lived there until they came to America around 1870. The children were Marie (Jennie's and Ozzie's mother), Katrina -- Lillie -- Hans -- John -- Andres -- Hervey -- and my father Jens. They all sang beautifully. It was a warm loving family and I loved my Tanta Katrina and your uncle Ossie so very much. I was six when my father died and 16 when Tanta died -- or I would have more to tell. My sister Myrtle and her husband were in Norway two years ago and went to Farsund to see if they could find out any thing about our father -- but could not find out anything -- there was a fire some time ago and much was lost."

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