Jennifer Bosanko
Sex: Female
Birth: 1764 Cornwall, England
Baptism: 13/5/1764 Crowan, Cornwall
Death: c1830
Father: John Bosanko
Mother: Sarah Williams
Spouse/Partner: William Jewell
Marriage: 05/11/1779 Crowan, Cornwall

Jennifer Bosanko was baptised on 13th May 1764 in Crowan, Cornwall, England. Her name of Jennifer is sometimes spelt as 'Jenefer' and occassionly 'Jenifer'. She may have also been known by the name of Jane.

Jennifer's parents were John and Sarah Bosanko (nee Williams). Jennifer's siblings were Sarah, John, Richard, Mary, Ann, Grace and Samuel (two other siblings - John and Sarah) died young). She had two half siblings, Grace and Mary, by her mother's second marriage.

Death of Father[edit | edit source]

Jennifer's father John was a tinner. He died in 1779 and was buried in Crowan on 29th August 1779.

Marriage[edit | edit source]

Jennifer married at aged 15 to William, son of William and Dorcus Jewell (nee Bosanko). Whether Jennifer was related to William's mother Dorcus has not been established at this stage, but it is highly likely. The couple married in Crowan on 5th November 1779,

The couple settled in Crowan and had 6 known children. All of the children were baptised in the Crowan parish church.

Death[edit | edit source]

Exact details on Jennifer's death or burial are yet to be located. Death records that closely match details for Jennifer are found in 1830 in Wendron under the name of 'Jane' Jewell, but have not been obtained to provide evidence at this stage.

Children[edit | edit source]

Name Birth Death
Children of William & Jennifer Jewell"

William 01/01/1783
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

Anne 30/1/1785
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
after 1861
Crowan, Cornwall

Elizabeth 15/3/1789
baptised Crowan, Cornwall

Edward 10/4/1791
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
before 1851
Crowan, Cornwall

Isaac 25/2/1796
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
buried 19/8/1835
buried Crowan,Cornwall

Christiana 25/7/1798
baptised Crowan, Cornwall
buried 3/11/1878
buried Wendron, Cornwall

References[edit | edit source]

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