Jennie Alice Lattin (1888-1958) Pilkington was a housewife. (b. July 09, 1888, Farmingdale, Nassau County, New York, USA - d. May 31, 1958, Berlin, Camden County, New Jersey, USA)

Birth[edit | edit source]

Daughter of Jarvis Andrew Lattin (1853-1941) and Mary Jane Puckett (1854-1927).

Marriage[edit | edit source]

She married Charles Henry Pilkington (1887-1916) on February 21, 1905 in Queens, New York. Their certificate was number "104".

Children[edit | edit source]

Memories about Jennie Alice Lattin[edit | edit source]

Carol Poulos writes in 2018: "It is fine to enter rumors about people into one's own records, however, unless they can be verified as true, they do not belong online. In the case of Jennie Alice Lattin, publishing hearsay testimony on the web is a slander against a woman who is not around to defend herself. It is also a false story. Such fallacies are copied over and over again by others in the belief that they are the truth. (Source: Carol Poulos on July 7, 2018) Note: The anecdote comes from Lorraine Agnes Pilkington (1929- ) who said on March 15, 1999: "[Charles Henry Pilkington] was asphyxiated by gas from the stove. I think that [Jennie Alice Lattin] murdered him and she made it look like a suicide." Spoken defamation about a person is slander and written defamation would be libel and both only apply to living people.

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