According to the Hebrew Bible, the Jebusites (/ˈdʒɛbjəˌsaɪts/; Hebrew: יְבוּסִי‬, Modern Yevusi, Tiberian Yəḇûsî ISO 259-3 Ybusi) were a Canaanite tribe who inhabited Jerusalem prior to its conquest by Joshua (11:3 and 12:10) or King David (2 Samuel 5:6-10). The Books of Kings as well as 1 Chronicles 11:4 state that Jerusalem was known as Jebus prior to this event. According to some biblical chronologies, the city was conquered by King David in 1003 BCE,[1] as indicated by the academic consensus, or according to other sources like the unreliable Seder Olam in 869 BCE.{{sfn|Kantor|1992|p=47}

The Jebusites are said in Genesis to be descendants of Canaan, who was a son of Ham, thereby making Jebus a great grandson of Noah. (Genesis 10:6,15-20)

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