Jean I Ivrea-Bourgogne de Chalon-Arlay, Lord of Arlay, was born circa 1259 to Jean de Chalon (1190-1267) and Laurette de Commercy (c1240-1276) and died 13 February 1315 of unspecified causes. He married Marguerite de Bourgogne (c1265-aft1300) 1280 JL . He married Alix of Flanders (?-aft1316) circa 1312 JL . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Hugh Capet (c940-996), William I of England (1027-1087). Ancestors are from France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, the Byzantine Empire, Sweden.

Note that we follow German Wikipedia, which is better documented. English and French Wikipedia have a different second wife, and only a single child.


Offspring of Jean I de Chalon-Arlay and Marguerite de Bourgogne (c1265-aft1300)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Hugues de Chalon-Arlay (c1281-1322) 1281 4 December 1322 Beatrix de la Tour du Pin (?-1347)

Jean de Chalon-Arlay (?-1335)
Isabelle de Chalon-Arlay (?-c1355)

Offspring of Jean I de Chalon-Arlay and Alix of Flanders (?-aft1316)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Catherine de Chalon-Arlay (?-1355)


Common ancestors of Jean I de Chalon-Arlay (c1259-1315) and Marguerite de Bourgogne (c1265-aft1300)

  1. Adelaide de Louvain (c1094-c1158)
  2. Bertha von Schwaben (c1124-c1194)
  3. Friedrich II von Schwaben (1090-1147)
  4. Judith von Bayern (c1103-1131)
  5. Mathieu I de Lorraine (c1119-1176)
  6. Simon de Lorraine (c1090-1138)

Namesakes of Jean I de Chalon-Arlay (c1259-1315)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Jean I de Ponthieu (c1258-1302)KortrijkFerdinand de Ponthieu (1239-1260)Laure de Montfort (c1227-1270)Ide de Meulan (c1255-1324)
Jean de Chalon (1190-1267)Etienne III of Auxonne (c1172-1241)Beatrice de Thiers (c1170-1227)Mahaut de Bourgogne (1190-1242) + Isabelle de Courtenay (?-1257) + Laurette de Commercy (c1240-1276)
Jean II de Ponthieu (c1280-1343)Jean I de Ponthieu (c1258-1302)Ide de Meulan (c1255-1324)Catherine d'Artois (1296-1368)
Jean I de Chalon-Arlay (c1259-1315)Jean de Chalon (1190-1267)Laurette de Commercy (c1240-1276)Marguerite de Bourgogne (c1265-aft1300) + Alix of Flanders (?-aft1316)
Jean II de Chalon-Arlay (c1303-1362)Hugues de Chalon-Arlay (c1281-1322)Beatrix de la Tour du Pin (?-1347)Marguerite de Mello (c1306-1350)
Jean III de Chalon-Arlay (c1361-1418)ParisLouis de Chalon-Arguel (1337-1366)Marguerite de Vienne (?-?)Marie des Baux-Orange (c1359-1417)
Jean IV de Chalon-Arlay (1443-1502)Guillaume VII de Chalon-Arlay (c1418-1475)Catherine de Bretagne (1428-1476)Jeanne de Bourbon (-1483) + Philiberte de Luxembourg (-1539)

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