Jean II the Good Capet-Valois of France, King of France, Duke of Burgundy, was born 16 April 1319 to Philip VI de Valois (1293-1350) and Jeanne de Bourgogne (1293-1348) and died 8 April 1364 in London of unspecified causes. He married Bonne of Bohemia (1315-1349) 28 July 1332 JL . He married Jeanne I d'Auvergne (1326-1360) 11 January 1350 JL . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Hugh Capet (c940-996). Ancestors are from France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, the Byzantine Empire, Sweden, Belarus.


Offspring of Jean II of France and Bonne of Bohemia (1315-1349)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Charles V de Valois (1338-1380) 21 January 1338 Vincennes 16 September 1380 Jeanne de Bourbon (1338-1378)

Louis I of Naples (1339-1384) 23 July 1339 Vincennes 20 September 1384 Marie de Blois (1345-1404)

Jean de Berry (1340-1416) 30 November 1340 Vincennes, France 15 June 1416 Paris, France Jeanne d'Armagnac (1346-1387)

Philip of Burgundy (1342-1404) 15 January 1342 Pontoise 27 April 1404 Halle Margaret III of Flanders (1348-1405)

Jeanne de Valois (1343-1373) 24 June 1343 Chateauneuf-en-Loire 3 November 1373 Évreux Charles II of Navarre (1332-1387)

Marie de Valois (1344-1404) 18 September 1344 Saint-Germain-en-Laye 15 October 1404 Robert I de Bar (1344-1411)

Agnès de Valois (1345-1349)
Marguerite de Valois (1347-1352)
Isabelle de Valois (1348-1372) 1 October 1348 11 September 1372 Pavia Gian Galeazzo Visconti (1351-1402)

Offspring of Jean II of France and Jeanne I d'Auvergne (1326-1360)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Blanche de Valois (1350-)
Catherine de Valois (1352-)

Common ancestors of Jean II de Valois (1319-1364) and Bonne of Bohemia (1315-1349)

  1. Béla IV of Hungary (1206-1270)
  2. Hugues IV de Bourgogne (1213-1272)
  3. Yolande de Dreux (1212-1248)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General

Namesakes of Jean II de Valois (1319-1364)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Jean I d'Alençon (1385-1415)Château d'Essay, Essay, FranceAzincourt, FrancePierre II d'Alençon (1340-1404)Marie Chamaillard (c1345-1425)Marie de Bretagne (1391-1446)
Jean II de Bretagne (1239-1305)Jean I de Bretagne (1217-1286)Blanca de Navarra (1226-1283)Beatrice of England (1242-1275)
Jean I Capet (1316-1316)Louis X Capet (1289-1316)Clementia of Anjou (1293-1328)
Jean I de Dreux (1290-1347)Robert II de Dreux (1265-1306)Yolande de Vendôme (1270-1304)Marguerite de La Roche (c1300-c1347)
Jean II d'Alençon (1409-1476)Argentan, Orne, FranceParis, FranceJean I d'Alençon (1385-1415)Marie de Bretagne (1391-1446)Jeanne d'Orléans (1409-1432)+Marie d'Armagnac (1420-1473)
Jean de Charolais (1231-1267)Hugues IV de Bourgogne (1213-1272)Yolande de Dreux (1212-1248)Agnès de Bourbon (1237-1287)
Jean of Angoulême (c1399-1467)Louis of Orléans (1372-1407)Valentina Visconti (1371-1408)Marguerite de Rohan (c1412-1497)
Jean II de Valois (1319-1364)LondonPhilip VI de Valois (1293-1350)Jeanne de Bourgogne (1293-1348)Bonne of Bohemia (1315-1349)+Jeanne I d'Auvergne (1326-1360)
Jean V de Bretagne (1389-1442)Jean IV de Bretagne (1339-1399)Joanna of Navarre (1370-1437)Jeanne de Valois (1391-1433)
Jean I de Dreux (1215-1249)Robert III de Dreux (1185-1234)Aénor de Saint-Valery-sur-Somme (1192-1250)Marie de Bourbon (1220-1274)
Jean I de la Marche (1344-1393)VendômeJacques I de la Marche (1319-1362)Jeanne de Châtillon (1320-1371)Catherine de Vendôme (1355-1412)
Jean I de Bourbon (1381-1434)London, England, United KingdomLouis II de Bourbon (1337-1410)Anne de Forez (1358-1417)Marie de Berry (1370-1434)
Jean de Montfort (1294-1345)Château d'HennebonArthur II de Bretagne (1262-1312)Yolande de Montfort (1263-1323)Joanna of Flanders (c1295-1374)
Jean I de Bretagne (1217-1286)Pierre I de Bretagne (c1187-1250)Alix de Thouars (1201-1221)Blanca de Navarra (1226-1283)
Jean VIII de Vendôme (1428-1478)Louis de Vendôme (1376-1446)Jeanne de Laval (1405-1468)Isabelle de Beauvau (1436-1475)
Jean d'Artois (1321-1387)Robert III d'Artois (1287-1342)Jeanne de Valois (1304-1363)Isabeau de Mélun (1328-1389)
Jean IV de Bretagne (1339-1399)Jean de Montfort (1294-1345)Joanna of Flanders (c1295-1374)Mary of England (1344-1362)+Joan Holland (c1356-1384)+Joanna of Navarre (1370-1437)
Jean de Berry (1340-1416)Vincennes, FranceParis, FranceJean II de Valois (1319-1364)Bonne of Bohemia (1315-1349)Jeanne d'Armagnac (1346-1387)
Jean de Clermont (1283-1316)Robert de Clermont (1256-1317)Béatrice de Bourgogne (1257-1310)Jeanne d'Argies (-1334)
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