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January 16 is the 16th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 349 days remaining until the end of the year (350 in leap years).

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94 Familypedia people were born on January 16

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Dorothy Allen (1707-1782)Benjamin Allen (1682-1755)Deborah Russell (1681-1755)
Kunigunde Barbara Bach (1832-1915)Johann Konrad Bach (1794-1857)Anna Maria Schmidt (1796-1877)
Priscilla Bartlett (1696-1758)Benjamin Bartlett (1658-1724)Ruth Pabodie (1658-1724)
Lewis Crum Bidamon (1806-1891)
Gertrude Sarah Blackman (1858-1948)William Richard Blackman (1825-1898)Mary Single (1832-1909)
Hendrik Blikkenhorst (1782-?)Adrianus Hendriksz Blikkenhorst (1742-1788)Jantje Jacobus Kras (1749-1802)
Maurice William Bowen (1862-1933)Maurice Bebb Bowen (1831-1913)Elizabeth Caroline Hayward (1834-1917)
Rebecca Burdick (1799-1852)Gideon Burdick (1762-1846)Catharina Schmidt (1770-1806)
George Cabot (1752-1823)Joseph Cabot (1720-1767)Elizabeth Higginson (1722-1781)
Francesco II delle Duo Sicilie (1836-1894)Fernando II delle Duo Sicilie (1810-1859)Maria Cristina of Savoy (1812-1836)
René of Naples (1409-1480)Louis II of Naples (1377-1417)Yolande of Aragon (1384-1442)
Robert John Carrington, 2nd Baron Carrington (1796-1868)Robert Smith, 1st Baron Carrington (1752-1838)Anne Boldero-Barnard (c1757-1827)
Rhoda Angelina Carter (1870-1940)Henry Carter (1818-1882)Maria Moon (1825-1870)
Frances Josephine Chaffee (1857-1909)Jerome Bonaparte Chaffee (1825-1886)Mariam Barnard Comstock (1829-1857)
Laurel Chandler (1908-1985)Amos John Chandler (1853-1918)Rosanna Cameron (1873-1964)
... further results

91 Familypedia people died on January 16

 FatherMotherAge at death
Pieter Olfertsz (1693-1730)Olfert37
Mary Abell (1680-1751)Benjamin Abell (1650-1699)Hannah Baldwin (1654-1717)71
Simeon Avery (1759-1803)Charles Avery (1730-1774)Abigail Post (1733-1774)44
William Bacon (1851-1929)John Bacon (c1817-1866)Ann Maria Powers (c1812-1914)
Henry George Bailey (1859-1902)Henry Bailey (1841-1903)Mary Margaret Christie (1839-1868)43
Hannah Bartlett (1690-1763)Samuel Bartlett (1662-1713)Hannah Pabodie (1662-1723)73
Ide de Meulan (c1255-1324)Amaury II de Meulan (c1180-c1260)Marguerite de Neufbourg (1223-1277)69
Cornelia Besseling (1882-1951)Johannes Besseling (1851-1922)Catharina Klaver (1851-1941)69
Eilika von Sachsen (c1081-1142)Magnus von Sachsen (c1045-1106)Sophia of Hungary (aft1050-1095)61
Hubert Stanley Blackmore (1894-1940)Hubert Harold Blackmore (1866-1934)Elizabeth Bartlett (1869-1910)46
Florence Bogue (1881-1949)James Bogue (1847-1890)Jane Gaskell (c1847-)68
Angelina Bonanno (1913-1989)Salvatore BonannoSerafina Tartaglia76
Sarah Bonham (1664-1737)Nicholas Bonham (1630-1684)Hannah Fuller (c1636-1683)73
John Calvin Booth (1773-1852)Gideon Booth (1721-1820)Sarah McKay (1740-1778)
Vrouwtje Bot (1814-1891)Dirk Bot (1774-1834)Anna Winders (1786-1858)
... further results

94 Familypedia people were first married on January 16

 FatherMotherJoined with
John Amory (1728-1803)Thomas Amory (1682-1728)Rebecca Holmes (1700-1770)Katharine Greene (1731-1778)
Elizabeth Davenport Ashford (1777-1825)Thomas Ashford (1731-1797)Sarah Davenport (1741-1805)Robert Hobbes (1773-1817)
Mary Auber (1781-1835)Samuel Auber (1750-1827)Elizabeth Newman (c1753-)John Diggins (c1780-)+John Rosamond (c1780-)
James Richison Badham (1841-1888)Samuel Badham (1815-1868)Mary Bishop (1819-1844)Eliza A Fisher (1847-1928)
Persis Baker (1726-1784)Edward Baker (1696-)Persis Brigham (1703-)Jonas Brigham (1718-1789)
Mary Barker (c1670-1734)Raynold Jolly (c1670-1703)
Johannis Blok (c1799-1826)Hendrik Blok (c1752-)Martina Verseput (c1762-1837)Helena Brandenburg (c1798-1828)
Jonas Brigham (1718-1789)David Brigham (1678-1750)Mary Leonard (1674-1741)Persis Baker (1726-1784)
John Britton (1774-1862)John Britton (c1750-)Ruth Unknown (c1752-1810)Sarah Dalby (c1780-1849)
Paulus Buijsman (1824-1875)Jan Buijsman (1765-1835)Trijntje Blokker (1785-1840)Lijsabeth Jong (1825-1868)
Joseph Chivell (c1822-1889)Joseph Chivell (c1798-1855)Ann Bennie Goard (1800-1880)Jane Maria White (c1823-1886)+Jane Piper (1826-1895)
William Choate (1730-1785)Francis Choate (1701-1777)Hannah Perkins (1708-1778)Mary Giddings (1732-1810)
William Clark (1812-1879)William Clark (c1770-1848)Ann Maria Singleton (1793-1862)Catherine McAlpin (1814-1893)
Sarah Dalby (c1780-1849)John Britton (1774-1862)
Maria Dol (1650-)Joannes Dol (c1620-)Tecla AndreaJohannes Hercks (c1650-)
... further results
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