Jane Pearce
Sex: Female
Birth: c1679
Death: c1710
Spouse/Partner: Robert Jordan
Marriage: 10/10/1700, St Keverne, Cornwall

The details of Jane Pearce's birth, baptism and parentage are currently unknown.


Jane married Robert Jordan in St Keverne, Cornwall, on 10th October 1700. Details of his parentage are also unknown at this time.

It is unknown at this time if the couple settled in St Keverne or Helston. Only one known child has been found for Robert and Jane and the baptism occurred in Helston.


The circumstances of Jane's death and burial are currently unknown.


Name Birth Death
Children of Robert and Jane Jordan

Robert baptised 21/11/1702
baptised Helston, Cornwall
buried 29/12/1760
buried St Keverne, Conrwall


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