Jane Bristow Olmstead was born 30 September 1551 in Great Waltham, Essex, England to Nicholas Bristow (1500-) and Margaret Boteler (1500-1583) and died 2 December 1595 in Great Leighs, Essex, England of unspecified causes. She married James Olmstead (1551-1595) 12 August 1576 JL in Great Leighs, Essex, England.

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Offspring of James Olmstead 1551 and Jane Bristow (1551-1595)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Olmstead (1577-)
Richard Olmstead (1579-1641) 22 March 1579 Great Leighs, Essex, England 16 November 1641 Fairstead, Essex, England Frances Slany (1587-1630)

James Olmstead (1580-1640) 4 December 1580 Great Leighs, Essex, England 28 September 1640 Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut Joyce Cornish (1580-1621)

Elizabeth Olmstead (1582-1583)
Nicholas Olmstead (1583-1679)
Mary Olmstead (1585-1594)
Mabel Olmstead (1587-1628)
Elizabeth Olmstead (1589-1634)
John Olmstead (1592-)



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