James V Stewart of Scotland, King of Scotland, was born 10 April 1512 in Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgowshire, Scotland, United Kingdom to James IV of Scotland (1473-1513) and Margaret Tudor (1489-1541) and died 14 December 1542 in Falkland Palace, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom of unspecified causes. He married Madeleine of Angoulême (1520-1537) 1 January 1537 JL in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. He married Mary of Guise (1515-1560) 12 June 1538 JL in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Robert I of Scotland (1274-1329). Ancestors are from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, England, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Israel, Turkey, the Byzantine Empire, Sweden.


Offspring of James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise (1515-1560)
Name Birth Death Joined with
James Stewart, Duke of Rothesay (1540-1541)
Arthur Stewart, Duke of Albany (1541-1541)
Mary of Scotland (1542-1586) 8 December 1542 Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom 8 February 1586 Fotheringham Castle, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom François II of Angouleme (1544-1560)
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (1545-1567)
James Hepburn, Duke of Orkney (c1536-1578)

Offspring of James V of Scotland and Margaret Erskine (bef1515-1572)
Name Birth Death Joined with
James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray (c1531-1570) 1531 23 January 1570 Agnes Keith (c1540-1588)

Offspring of James V of Scotland and Helen Stewart (c1518-1564)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Adam Stewart (c1536-bef1606)

Offspring of James V of Scotland and Euphemia Elphinstone (1509-aft1541)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney (1533-1593) 1533 4 February 1593 Janet Kennedy (c1542-1598)

Common ancestors of James V of Scotland (1512-1542) and Madeleine of Angoulême (1520-1537)

  1. Adolf IV. von der Mark (1373-1448)
  2. Marie of Burgundy (1393-1463)
    Common ancestors of James V of Scotland (1512-1542) and Mary of Guise (1515-1560)
  1. Adolf IV. von der Mark (1373-1448)
  2. Arnold van Egmont (1410-1473)
  3. Jan II van Egmond (1384-1451)
  4. Katharina von Kleve (1417-1479)
  5. Maria van Arkel (c1385-1415)
  6. Marie of Burgundy (1393-1463)
  7. Pierre I de St Pol (1390-1433)
    Common ancestors of James V of Scotland (1512-1542) and Helen Stewart (c1518-1564)
  1. Arnold van Egmont (1410-1473)
  2. James I of Scotland (1394-1437)
  3. James II of Scotland (1430-1460)
  4. Joan Beaufort (c1406-1445)
  5. John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset (c1373-1410)
  6. Katharina von Kleve (1417-1479)
  7. Margaret Holland (1385-1439)
  8. Mary of Guelders (c1434-1463)

Namesakes of James V of Scotland (1512-1542)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
James Stewart (1831-1905)Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United KingdomLovedale, Eastern Cape, South AfricaJames Stewart (bef1831-)Jane Dudgeon (bef1831-)Williamina Stephen (1848-1928)
James I of Scotland (1394-1437)Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United Kingdom (Edinburgh Castle)Perth, Scotland, United KingdomRobert III of Scotland (1337-1406)Anabella Drummond (c1350-1401)Joan Beaufort (c1406-1445)
James Stewart of Newburgh, Fife (1831-1905)Newburgh, Fife, Scotland, United KingdomNewburgh, Fife, Scotland, United KingdomDavid Stewart (c1800-c1832)Janet Butter (1798-1881)
James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland (-1309)Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland (1214-1283)Cecilia de Dunbar (-c1309)
James II of Scotland (1430-1460)Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland, United KingdomRoxburgh Castle, Scotland, United KingdomJames I of Scotland (1394-1437)Joan Beaufort (c1406-1445)Mary of Guelders (c1434-1463)
James Stewart (1768-1817)Guilford County, North Carolina, United StatesIredell County, North Carolina, United StatesFinley Stewart (1730-1809)Prudence Shaw (1741-1821)Martha Falls (1777-1843)
James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray (c1531-1570)James V of Scotland (1512-1542)Margaret Erskine (bef1515-1572)Agnes Keith (c1540-1588)
James V of Scotland (1512-1542)Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgowshire, Scotland, United KingdomFalkland Palace, Fife, Scotland, United KingdomJames IV of Scotland (1473-1513)Margaret Tudor (1489-1541)Madeleine of Angoulême (1520-1537)+Mary of Guise (1515-1560)+Margaret Erskine (bef1515-1572)+Helen Stewart (c1518-1564)+Euphemia Elphinstone (1509-aft1541)
James Stewart (1698-1777)County Down, Northern Ireland, United KingdomCounty Down, Northern Ireland, United KingdomWilliam Stewart (1670-)Judith Finley (1676-c1700)Jennet Shaw (1701-1777)
James Stewart (-1333)Berwick-upon-TweedJohn Stewart (c1245-1298)Margaret de Bonkyl
James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray (1500-1544)James IV of Scotland (1473-1513)Janet Kennedy (c1480-c1545)Elizabeth Campbell (-bef1549)
James IV of Scotland (1473-1513)Flodden, Northumberland, England, United KingdomJames III of Scotland (c1451-1488)Margaret of Denmark (1456-1486)Marion Boyd (c1470-1559)+Margaret Drummond (1475-1501)+Janet Kennedy (c1480-c1545)+Margaret Tudor (1489-1541)+Agnes Stewart (c1488-1557)
James Stewart (c1383-aft1451)John Stewart (c1360-1421)Isabel de Ergadia (-1439)Joan Beaufort (c1406-1445)
James Stewart (c1710-)Selkirkshire, Scotland, United KingdomIsabella Dickson (1712-)
James III of Scotland (c1451-1488)Scotland, United KingdomSauchieburn, Stirling, Scotland, United KingdomJames II of Scotland (1430-1460)Mary of Guelders (c1434-1463)Margaret of Denmark (1456-1486)
James Finley Stewart (1833-1899)Tennessee, United StatesMontgomery County, Texas, United StatesWilliam Stewart (1810-1855)Rosannah Simonton (c1810-aft1860)Martha Jenkins (c1849-1928)
James Maitland Stewart (1908-1997)Indiana, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, United StatesBeverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, United StatesAlexander Maitland Stewart (1872-1961)Elizabeth Ruth Jackson (1875-1953)Gloria Hatrick (1918-1994)
James Major Stewart (1831-1905)Clarke County, Georgia, United StatesHeard County, Georgia, United StatesAlfred Stewart (1776-)Polly Mary Crawford (1796-)Anna Eliza Agnes Brown (1834-1919)
James Robert Stewart (1886-1964)Texas, United StatesConroe, Montgomery County, Texas, United States (in hospital)James Finley Stewart (1833-1899)Martha Jenkins (1849-1928)Martha Elizabeth Wiggins (1891-1975)

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