Chicago Evening American, Oct. 10, 1921. Police Seek Cragin Bombers. Blackhand Squad Sent to Probe Night Explosion in Store. The "black hand" squad of the police department left for the Cragin district this morning to investigate the bombing at midnight last night of the grocery store of James Tomassello, who lives over his store at 5236 Bloomingdale road. The bomb was thrown in the entryway of the store and caused about $800 damage to the building and $1,000 to the neighborhood as a whole in broken windows. Frank Panzo, 5234 Bloomingdale road, and his family were thrown from their beds by the force of the explosion. Tomassello blames a "black hand" gang for the bombing and produced three letters in Italian said to be "black hand" threats." (Posted as a courtesy, not related.)

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