James Langan (1857-1945) and Mary McHugh (born 1858) anniversary in the Jersey Journal on Tuesday, May 26, 1931.png

James Langan II (1857-1941) was born in Pennsylvania, and returned to Ireland and married Mary McHugh and then returned to the United States and lived in Jersey City.


  • Catherine Langan was christened July 7, 1882
  • Owen F. Langan (1884-1963) was born in Pennsylvania on Jan 29 1884; married Mary B. McCabe on June 27 1908 in Jersey City and died in June of 1963
  • Maryanne Langan was christened Dec 13 1885
  • Cecelia Langan was born Oct 13 1887 c. Oct 16 1887
  • James Langan was born Oct 1889 married Ethel?
  • John Langan was born September of 1892
  • Stephen Langan was born Oct 1895 - son in 1900?, nephew in 1910?


James Langan, Contractor, Dies. James Langan, 85, father of the famous runner, Owen Langan, died yesterday afternoon at about 2:30, on the stoop of his home, 172 Lexington Avenue, where he had sat down to rest after a walk to the corner drug store. Wallie Eames, well known Jersey City singer and entertainer, who knew the aged gentleman, saw him sitting on the stoop and went over to him. Seeing that he was unable to respond, Eames called help and assisted Mr. Langan into his home, and then summoned Dr. Thomas Keegan, the family physician. When the doctor arrived a few minutes he declared Mr. Langan dead, and the body was claimed by members of the family. Mr. Langan, who was 85 years old on February 5 last, was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and came to Jersey City between 55 and 60 years ago. He was a general contractor and for many years conducted a thriving business. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary McHugh Langan, one son, Owen Langan, whose record as a runner is internationally known, and one daughter, Mrs. Thomas Lynch. (Source: Jersey Journal on April 8, 1941)