James F. Blackstock Jr.
Sex: Male
Birth: 1789
Death: 1852, Cobb, Georgia
Father: James Allen Blackstock
Mother: Nancy Wilson
Spouse/Partner: Susannah Higgins
Marriage: 07 DEC 1808, Jackson, Georgia

James Franklin Blackstock Jr.

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Children[edit | edit source]


Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of James Blackstock (1789) and Susannah Higgins
Ashley Blackstock (1809) 12 Mar 1809 Jackson
John Blackstock (1810) John Henry 13 May 1810 Jackson 12 FEB 1850 Van Zandt, Texas
Wilson Blackstock (1812)
Wilson Franklin
07 Mar 1812 Jackson 03 Oct 1860 Haralson, Georgia
Louisindy Blackstock (1813) 24 Dec 1813
Thomas Blackstock (1816) 08 MAY 1816 Hall, GA
Kendrid Blackstock (1817) 10 Nov 1817
James Blackstock (1819) James M. 16 Jul 1819
Jesse Blackstock (1821) 22 Jun 1821
Daniel Blackstock (1823) Daniel D. 13 Apr 1823
Malindy Blackstock (1828) 07 JUN 1828

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