Jacob Tol was born 24 May 1870 in Venhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands to Jacob Tol (1818-1875) and Teetje Brugman (1825-1904) and died 7 February 1920 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Marijtje Spek (1872-1949) 13 June 1897 in Venhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.
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Jacob was a witness to the marriage of Nicolaas Bakker (1882-1959) and Cornelia Besseling (1882-1951),[1] whose granddaughter would marry his grandson. Daughter Aaf married Bernard Loos, daughter Tekla Henk Maas, daughter Floor Marinus Hart.


Offspring of Jacob Tol and Marijtje Spek (1872-1949)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jacob Tol (1898-1901)
Florens Tol (1900-1904)
Jaap Tol (1902-1958) 15 February 1902 Venhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands 16 July 1958 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands Marijtje Tool (1902-1993)

Jan Tol (1904-1992) 13 March 1904 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands 3 January 1992 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands Alida Keizer (1905-1953)
Anna Keizer (1909-1963)
Marijtje Tool (1902-1993)

Aaf Tol (1906-1965)
Tekla Tol (1907-1978)
Floor Tol (1909-)
Kees Tol (1911-?) 4 January 1911 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands 9999 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands Anna Maria Dekker (1917-)

Pieter Tol (1913-1913)
Piet Tol (1915-1984) 29 September 1915 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands 12 March 1984 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands Petronella J. van der Molen (1922-1997)

Namesakes of Jacob Tol (1870-1920)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Jacob Tol (1870-1920)Venhuizen, North Holland, NetherlandsHoorn, North Holland, NetherlandsJacob Tol (1818-1875)Teetje Brugman (1825-1904)Marijtje Spek (1872-1949)
Jacob Tol (1818-1875)Venhuizen, North Holland, NetherlandsVenhuizen, North Holland, NetherlandsDirk Tol (1786-1856)Antje Buurman (1790-1836)Teetje Brugman (1825-1904)
Jacob Tol (1874-1943)Venhuizen, North Holland, NetherlandsHoorn, North Holland, NetherlandsPieter Tol (1845-1916)Trijntje Rood (1839-1907)Geertje Komen (1873-1943)
Jacob Tol (1899-)Hoorn, North Holland, NetherlandsNiesje Tol (1862-1940)Johanna Smit (bef1928-)

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