Ivan Olgimuntovich Olshansky was born circa 1340 to Olgimunt Mingovtovich Olshansky (1302-c1345) and died 1402 of unspecified causes.

Ivan Olshanski (Olshansky) (Belarusian: Іван Гальшанскі, Lithuanian: Jonas Alšėniškis, Polish: Jan Holszański, died in or after 1402) is the first known and undisputed member of the princely Olshanski family. Historians only know his fathers name, Algimantas. Ivan was a faithful companion of Vytautas the Great, Grand Duke of Lithuania. They both were married to daughters of Svyatoslav of Smolensk.[1] Ivan's daughter Uliana became the second wife of Vytautas in 1418.[2].

The governor of the Grand Duke in Kiev in 1397. Being a Catholic , he founded the Kiev diocese of the Latin rite[3]

When Vytautas escaped to the Teutonic Knights in 1382, Ivan followed him and Jogaila took away his estate. However, as Vytautas and Jogaila reconciled few years later, Ivan gifted Jogaila with a golden belt and received his estate back. Ivan followed Vytautas when he escaped to the knights once again in 1390, during the Lithuanian Civil War. In 1391 Ivan escorted Sophia, the only child of Vytautas, to Moscow where she married Vasili I of Moscow. After Vytautas gained a powerful ally in the east, Jogaila agreed to make peace and the Ostrów Agreement was signed in 1392. Ivan became the right hand of Vytautas, and after Skirgaila death, he ruled Kiev as governor.

The influence Ivan had in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is showcased by the fact that he signed many treaties, including Treaty of Salynas (1398) in 1398 and Union of Vilnius and Radom in 1401. Ivan was mentioned in 1402 for the last time, and it is believed he died in that year.


  • Aleksandr Ivanovich Nelyubov (c1364- after 1406 ) [2];
  • Boris Ivanovich (c1368-1399) [2];
  • Semyon Ivanovich Lyuty (c1370-1433) - governor in Veliky Novgorod [3] (or Novogorodka [2]) in 1422 ;
  • Mikhail Ivanovich (c1372-1433) - the governor of Kiev [3];
  • Andrei Ivanovich (c1374 -?);
  • Ulyana Ivanovna (1375-1448). Husband: Ivan Mstislavich Hotet , Prince Karachevsky; second husband: Vitovt (since 1418 ), Grand Duke of Lithuania [2];
  • Anna Ivanovna(years of life unknown) - the wife of the Mazovian prince Boleslav III (according to early sources) [2]. More plausible is the version according to which Boleslav III was married to Anna Fyodorovna , daughter of Prince Fyodor Olgerdovich and granddaughter of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Olgerd .


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Offspring of Ivan Olgimuntovich Olshansky and Agrippina of Smolensk (c1355-c1410)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Aleksandr Ivanovich Nelyubov (c1364-c1407)
Boris Ivanovich (c1368-1399)
Semyon Ivanovich Lyuty Olshansky (c1370-1433)
Mikhail Ivanovich (c1372-1433)
Uliana Ivanovna Olshanska (1375-c1448) 1380 1448 Ivan Mstislavovich Karachevsky (c1370-c1417) Ivan Mstislavovich Karachevsky (c1370-c1417) Vytautas (c1350-1430)
Anna Ivanovna (c1377-c1385)
Andrei Ivanovich Olshansky (c1380-1426)



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