Letter written by her son-in-law John McCurdy apparently to Matthew Borland: Millville,N.J. Nov. 27, 1843 I take up my pen in order to write a few lines to you and rest ofyour family, all in good health is the earnest desire of your friends thewriters. But before I proceed any further I will endeavor to introduce you towho the writers are. It is John McCurdy. I am married to Rachel Tweed,daughter of William Tweed of Maghreboy and your sister Isabella Borland. My wife says she had five uncles, brothers of her mothers who removedto this country at an early period, all of whom she expects is dead beforethis time - only yourself. If any of their families lives near you pleaselet me know when you write. Dear sir my wife has been at me about writing to you these severalyears, but on account of the want of your directions, I had to postpone ituntil I sent home to Ireland for them. She regrets that she is so near anUncle without being remembered to him. So sir you see what is part of myobject in writing to you. We have four children whose names are - William, Isabella, John andJames. The first three are nearly of age and the last about ten years old.We have lived since we came to this country in Millville about forty milesfrom Philadelphia in the state of New Jersey. If this reaches you as I hope it will, I hope sir you will take thetrouble of sending me a letter as soon as convenient. Please inform mewhat the rates of land is in your neighborhood, its quality and if it ishealthy. Also the rates of wages. As I have always been brought up withfarming, I am determined that as soon as I can see a farm that wouldanswer my purpose I will try and purchase it. If you see any farm ofmoderate size and of a good quality please let me know when you write. I received a letter from my father William Tweed last spring. He isstill able to walk about. Dear Uncle let us know the state of your health, likewise how manychildren you have got. I add no more at present but being joined with my family in sendingtheir love to you and their cousins. Do subscribe myself with respect. Your sincere friends John & Rachel McCurdy

Parents[edit | edit source]

Marriage to William Tweed[edit | edit source]

Isabella married William Tweed.

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