Ion (Iancu) Coandă was born 1860 in Craiova, Dolj County, Romania to Mihalache Coandă (1829-c1890) and Theodora Theodoris (c1835-c1900) and died 1940 Bucharest, Romania of unspecified causes.

Ion Coandă (born: Craiova, 1860, died: Bucharest, 1940) was a Romanian admiral

As a young naval officer he was sent to France where he attended the School of Submarine Defense in Toulon. After graduation he completed his naval training on the Mediterranean Sea Squadron of the French Navy.

Returning to Romania, in 1882 he was appointed captain of the newly launched Mircea sailing ship, which was the training ship vessel of the Romanian Military Navy. Subsequently he held the position of captain of the port of Brăila.

In 1896 he was put in charge of creating the Romanian Maritime Service, an organization in charge of the Romanian passenger [[wikipedia:steamboat|steamers] cruising in the Black Sea and the Mediterranian]]. He headed the service till 1908.

He returned to active military service during World War I, when he was appointed government comissar for Romanian Military operational units in the Danube Delta. In this position he was instrumental in stabilizing the front line on the Danube River and the Sfântu Gheorghe Branch, preventing the armed forces of the Central Powers to advance into the Danube Delta and thus to endanger the southern defenses of Romania, after the retreat to Moldavia.

In 1927, in cooperation with admiral Vasile Scodrea, professor Mircea Ștefănescu, comandor (future admiral) Ioan Bălănescu, comandor Aurel Negulescu and publicist Mihail Neagu he founded the Romanian Maritime League. The president of the League was King Carol II of Romania (1893-1953), but admiral Ion Coandă was vice-president, holding this position until his death in 1940


Offspring of Ion (Iancu) Coandă and Elodie Caselli (c1870-c1945)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Florence Coandă (c1902-c1965) 1902 Bucharest, Romania 1965 Bucharest, Romania Emanuel Lupașcu (1895-1959)



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