These data were taken from a rootsweb listing (New Sweden Immigrants based on a variety of sources. The data have been recast in a different format to facilitate their use in creating individual biographies for New Sweden immigrants. The source used for this compilation contains considerable additional information which the interested reader may find of value.

It is likely that thre were additional immigrants to New Sweden not captured in this list. Some individuals made several trips back and forth between Sweden and New Sweden, and so appear multiple times. It is not always clear that persons of the same name are necessarily the same person. Some individuals returned to Sweden after a greater or lesser period, and left no descendants in New Sweden. Some individuals died on the trip over, or immediately after arrival; while in some cases their families are known to have remained in New Sweden, in other cases, they probably left no issue. Many of those listed are shown as part of the ships crew; some crew members remained in New Sweden, but others probably returned to Sweden.

See: Ships to New Sweden for a list of known ships sailing to New Sweden from Sweden
See: Immigrants by Ship for a list of passengers and crew on specific voyages
See: Alphabetical List of Immigrants for an alphabetical listing of passenger and crew independent of voyage (includes additional data about individuals
See: Caveats to edit this list of caveats.

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