These data were taken from a rootsweb listing (New Sweden Immigrants based on a variety of sources. The data have been recast in a different format to facilitate their use in creating individual biographies for New Sweden immigrants. The source used for this compilation contains considerable additional information which the interested reader may find of value.

It is likely that thre were additional immigrants to New Sweden not captured in this list. Some individuals made several trips back and forth between Sweden and New Sweden, and so appear multiple times. It is not always clear that persons of the same name are necessarily the same person. Some individuals returned to Sweden after a greater or lesser period, and left no descendants in New Sweden. Some individuals died on the trip over, or immediately after arrival; while in some cases their families are known to have remained in New Sweden, in other cases, they probably left no issue. Many of those listed are shown as part of the ships crew; some crew members remained in New Sweden, but others probably returned to Sweden.

See: Ships to New Sweden for a list of known ships sailing to New Sweden from Sweden
See: Immigrants by Ship for a list of passengers and crew on specific voyages
See: Alphabetical List of Immigrants for an alphabetical listing of passenger and crew independent of voyage (includes additional data about individuals
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Person Role Origin Family Fate Ship Arrival Date
Hustro Agneta Brewer? Orn 1654
Hakan Persson Akerman soldier Orn 1654
Salungen Anders freeman Orn 1654
Benjamin Anderson freeman Orn 1654
Anders Andersson Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Herman Andersson sailor Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Hindrick Andersson freeman Orn 1654
Johan Andersson farmhand, soldier from Strangnas Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Jons Andersson Smidt (blacksmith) Orn 1654
Lars Andersson muster clerk Orn 1654
Mans Andersson freeman Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Mans Andersson Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Nils Andersson soldier from Mallpa in Kinna (Kinda) hundred Fama or Swan 1643
Nils Andersson soldier, carpenter Orn 1654
Olaf Andersson Husgalen (housecrazy) Orn 1654
Per Andersson skipper on the Speel-yacht Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Sven Andersson drummer Fama or Swan 1643
Eric Andersson* soldier - and wife Orn 1654
Nils Andersson* miller - and wife Orn 1654
Lars Andersson**** Orn 1654
Anders Andersson, Miscreant Finn Fama or Swan 1643
Eric Andersson, the trumpeter Fama or Swan 1643
Lars Andersson, soldier from Saltuna socken, Stockholm Fama or Swan 1643
Mans Andriasson freeman Orn 1654
Isack Backare baker Orn 1654
Olof Bagge* freeman and wife Orn 1654
Israel Bengtson soldier Orn 1654
Mathias (Mats) Bengtson freeman Orn 1654
Erick Bengtson (Benckson) soldier Orn 1654
Hans Amundsson Besk* Initially captain, demoted for incompetance, died in Puerto Rico with wife, 4 children and 2 servants Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Lars Bjornsson Midshipman from Gothenburg Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Nicholaes Bock (Borck) corporal Fama or Swan 1643
Jan Jansson Bockhorn ship mate Swan 1648
Christer Boije Fama 1643
Anders Swensson Bonde soldier Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Sven Hakansson Brodd** Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Lars Thomson Bure from Vedding, sailor Charitas 1641
Cornelius Burke Orn 1654
Lars Bus Orn 1654
Nils Carson boy Orn 1654
Anders Christiansson dreyer, miller from Gothenburg Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Herr Christoffer priest Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Claes Claessen a dutch carpenter Charitas 1641
Abbe Clasen skipper Orn 1654
Anders Clementsson soldier Orn 1654
Sander Clerck sailor Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Lars Andersson Collins Orn 1654
Jacob Cornelisen mate, carpenter Fama 1644
Lauren Andriessen Cuyper the barman. a Dutchman - Kalmar Nyckel 1641
Anders Larson Dalbo provost-marshal Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Gosta (Josta) Danielson soldier Orn 1654
Gustaf Danielson Orn 1654
Johan Danielson Arklimastare (gunner) Orn 1654
Rolof de Haes's widow Orn 1654
Abraham Dricksson Orn 1654
Jan Eckhoff freeman Orn 1654
Jan (Johan) Ericksson servant to company; laboror from Angermanland Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Johan Ericksson boatswain Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Olof Ericksson laborer, a boy a boy Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Lars Ericksson* freeman and wife Orn 1654
Bengt Ericksson** upper boatswain Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Lars Esbjorsson Skraddare, tailor Orn 1654
Margareta Eskelsdotter daughter of Elskel Orn 1654
Abraham Eskelsson soldier Orn 1654
Bertil Eskelsson from Sundsocken - son of Eskil Larson Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Mats Eskelsson Orn 1654
Mathias Esselse freeman Orn 1654
Peter Evers Orn 1654
David Michelsson Fischer Orn 1654
Israel Helm Fluviander Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Gabriel Samuelson Forsman soldier Orn 1654
Johan Fransson bookkeeper from Viborg Fama 1643
Samuel Person Friland freeman Orn 1654
Hindrick Larson From soldier Orn 1654
Marten Martensson Glassbijten freeman Fama or Swan 1643
Otto Grimm Orn 1654
Constantinus Grunenborgh soldier from Mark Brandenborg Fama or Swan 1643
Sven Gunnarsson freeman Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Anies Gustaffson freeman Orn 1654
Johann Gustafsson (c1618-c1682) soldier from Kinekulle, Sweden probably same person; married Brita Mansdotter;family adopted the surname "Justice" Swan 1643
Johann Gustafsson (c1618-c1682) (Gostasson) gunner Orn 1654
Martin Guttersson laborer Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Elias Gyllengren Soldier, constaple Fama or Swan 1643
Elias Gyllengren Lieutenant Orn 1654
Nils Hakansson freeman Orn 1654
Klas Hanson freeman Orn 1654
Olof Hanson Friskebonde (fish-peasant) Orn 1654
Anders Hanson*? gunner Orn 1654
Anders Hansson servant to company Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Mats Hansson Miscreant from Borga, Finland, Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Matts Hansson (Janson), Constaple and wife Kalmar Nyckel 1641
Mats Hansson, Constaple - with wife Kalmar Nyckel 1641
Gotfriedt Harmer (Hermansson) cabin guard Charitas 1641
Peter Hermers Orn 1654
Anders Hijden (Hiden) Orn 1654
Bengt Hindersson Fama 1644
Anders Hindricksson freeman Orn 1654
Evert (Ivar) Hindricksson servant to company Finn Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Hindrick Hindricksson soldier Orn 1654
Johan Hindricksson freeman Orn 1654
Peter Larson Hjort Reverend Orn 1654
John Campanius Holm Reverend, Magister (chaplain) Fama 1643
Anders Andersson Homman soldier from Saltuna socken Swan 1643
Henrik Hooghkamer Freedenburg 1640
Sven Hook Lieutenant Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Hendrick Huygen commissioner Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Hendrick Huygen Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Olof Isgra (Icegrey) soldier Orn 1654
Dirck (Diedrick) Jacobsson Skipper on the sloop in the river Fama 1644
Hindrick Jacobsson soldier Orn 1654
Johan Jacobsson freeman mill-wright Orn 1654
Lars Jacobsson soldier Fama or Swan 1643
Peter Jacobsson freeman Orn 1654
Hans Janeke barber-surgeon from Koningsburgh Fama 1643
Hans Janeke barber-surgeon from Konigsbergh Fama 1644
Jan Jansen** caprenter from Alckmar, Netherlands Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Anders (Andries) Janson freeman Orn 1654
Hans Janson the Finn the Finn Orn 1654
Bernt (Baernt, Bengt) Janson (Jonson) Orn 1654
Michel Janson, (Johansson, Bolm), Adventurer from Gefle the burgomaster's son, Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Johan Jochimson gunner Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Peter Jochimson (Jochum), soldier from Slesvik-Holstein Fama or Swan 1643
Powell (Pal) Joensson (Joransson, Johansson) servant to company from Jemtland Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Karin Johansdotter the daughter of Johan Orn 1654
Girret Johansson Orn 1654
Henrick Johansson freeman Orn 1654
Herman (Harman) Johansson freeman Orn 1654
Hindrick Johansson Orn 1654
Jacob Johansson boatswain Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Peter Johansson Upper boatswain Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Philip Johansson Orn 1654
Simon Johansson soldier Orn 1654
Carl Johansson (Jansson) miscreant Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Per (Peter) Johansson (Joransson) servant to company, soldier Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Thomas Johansson* and wife Orn 1654
Anders Jonson Lieutenant Swan 1648
Anders Jonson soldier Orn 1654
Bengt Jonson freeman Orn 1654
Hans Jonson soldier Orn 1654
Joran (George) Jonson freeman Orn 1654
Olof Jonson Orn 1654
Paul Jonson freeman Orn 1654
Anders Jonsson servant, soldier Fama 1644
Clement Joransson miscreant; a courier Finn Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Nils Joransson soldier Orn 1654
Mans Joransson (Jurrensson), a Finn Kalmar Nyckel 1641
Eric Joransson** boatswain Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Berent Josten sailmaker from Bergen Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Carl Julius*** secretary Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Jacob Junge from Gothenburg Orn 1654
Thomas Jurgensson carpenter Fama or Swan 1643
Jan. Justen freeman Orn 1654
Borge Nilson Jute (Dane?) Orn 1654
Anders Kampe armorer Orn 1654
Anders Matson Kjaring Orn 1654
Anders Klemelson (Klementsson) Orn 1654
Mans Nilsson Kling Cartographer Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Mans Nilsson Kling lieutenant with wife, a servant girl and little child with wife, a servant girl and little child Kalmar Nyckel 1641
Lars Mansson Klockware parish clerk Orn 1654
[[Peter Larson Kock (1611->]] imprisoned soldier laborer Out of Smedjegarden Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Lukas Kruger Sigesmundus (Cordewanbereiter preparer of cordowan leather) Orn 1654
Marten Krum soldier Orn 1654
Lukas Kypere (barman) Orn 1654
Karin Larsdotter the daughter of Lars Orn 1654
Karin Larsdotter Orn 1654
Anders Larson sergeant Orn 1654
Anders Larson freeman Orn 1654
Bartil Larson freeman and wife Orn 1654
Eskil Larson deserter Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Hindrick Larson soldier Finn Orn 1654
Jons Larson Orn 1654
Lars Larson Freuwerbother Orn 1654
Markus Larson Orn 1654
Nils Larson constaple Orn 1654
Pawel Larson Orn 1654
Peder (Per) Larson soldier Orn 1654
Mats Larson* freeman and wife Orn 1654
Olof Bertilson Likagod soldier Orn 1654
Knut Liljehok soldier Brother of Per. Liljehok Fama 1644
Per Liljehok commander Fama 1644
Peter Martensson Lindestrom engineer Orn 1654
Lars Carlsson Lock Reverend Swan 1648
Wolle (Walle) Lohe (Looer) soldier Fama 1644
Mans Swensson Loom freeman, tailor with wife and two daughters and a little son Charitas 1641
Mans Swensson Loom farmer, tailor, soldier with wife and two almost grown up daughters and a little son Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Frans Lorensen (Lorans) probably a dutchman Orn 1654
Andres Lucassen interpreter Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Hans Luneburger soldier from Stralsund, Fama 1643
Sven Larson Maarbo laborer Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Hans Mansson from Skara Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Mans Mansson Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Lars Markusson Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Anders Matheus shipmate from Amsterdam, Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Hendrick Matson the Finn, a boy Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Hindrick Matson freeman Finn Orn 1654
Martin Matson freeman Orn 1654
Mathias (Mats) Matson Orn 1654
Mats Matson the blacksmith Orn 1654
Morten (Martin) Matson Orn 1654
Nils Matson millwright from Torshall Sodermanland Orn 1654
Karin Matzdochter Orn 1654
Jan (Johan) Matzon (Mattson) Gunner at Fort Elsfsborg, constaple , skipper on the sloop Fama 1644
Peter Meyer, soldier from Gothenburg Fama or Swan 1643
Erick Michelsson soldier Orn 1654
Jacob Michelsson Orn 1654
Lambert Michelsson freeman Orn 1654
Andreas Classon Mink Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Clas Andersson Mink son of Anders Mink Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Paul Mink Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Pieter Minuit Commander Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Nils Mjolnare the miller Orn 1654
Peter Mort Proviant-screiber Orn 1654
Mortin (Martin) Mortenson freeman Orn 1654
David N..… soldier Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Matthias Nertunius Reverend Orn 1654
Per (Peder) Nilson soldier Orn 1654
Torgel (Torkil) Nilson Orn 1654
Michel Nilsson (Nielsson) blacksmith Fama or Swan 1643
Joen Nilsson (Nielsson), soldier from Skaraborgs lan Fama or Swan 1643
Bjorn Olofsson freeman Orn 1654
Johan Olofsson provost-marshal Fama 1643
Johan Olofsson Orn 1654
Johan Olofsson sailor Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Lars Olofsson soldier Orn 1654
Mathias Olofsson Orn 1654
Sigfrid Olofsson boatswain Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Anders Olofsson (Olsson) corporal Orn 1654
Hendrick Olofsson, soldier Finn Fama 1644
Matts Olofsson, sailor Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Bengt Olsson second mate Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Jons Pafvelsson Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Olof Pafvelsson (Palsson) servant to company, soldier Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Mans Pafvelsson (Pawelson) Orn 1654
Johan Papegoja Fama 1644
Johan Papegoja Swan 1648
Johan Papegoja officer Orn 1654
Knut Peerson, secretary Fama or Swan 1643
Johan Persson soldier Orn 1654
Jon Persson Orn 1654
Samuel Persson i Bogen (at the Bog) Orn 1654
Lucas Persson, sailor Charitas 1641
Peter Peterson trumpeter Orn 1654
Peter Peterson drummer Orn 1654
Samuel Peterson freeman Orn 1654
Lambert Pietersen ship mate Kalmar Nyckel 1641
Hans Preutz (Pryss, Prentz) soldier, stone cutter Orn 1654
John Printz Governor Fama 1643
Pafvel Nilsson Quist soldier Orn 1654
Nils Olofsson Raf Orn 1654
Per Gunnarsson Rambo freeman Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Olof Rase soldier Orn 1654
Peter Hollander Ridder New Commander of Colony Kalmar Nyckel 1640
John Rising Commander Orn 1654
Marten Rosenmann Orn 1654
Lars Jonson Rudenius soldier Orn 1654
Jacob Evertssen Sandelin second mate Scotchman Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Johan Schaggen Orn 1654
Peter Schal (Skall) tanner Orn 1654
Johan Schalbrick drummer from Reval Orn 1654
Jurgen Schneeweiss, soldier Fama or Swan 1643
Jan Schoffel freeman Orn 1654
Evert (Ifar, Siwirt) Sivertsson (Siewertson) freeman Charitas 1641
Jan Mansson Skog Orn 1654
Jonas Skog freeman Orn 1654
Johan Matson Skrika soldier Orn 1654
Johan Skute son of Captain Skute Orn 1654
Sven Skute captain of the lands people Orn 1654
Sven (Schwenn0 Skute (Schutte), lieutenant Fama 1643
Olof in Slobijen Orn 1654
Pal (Pafvel) Smaal (Schal) a boy; served as a soldier - of Norrmalm son of a baker in Norrmalm Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Nicholas Smed the blacksmith Orn 1654
Jacob Sprint servant to company from Nyland Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Mans Stake provost-marshal Orn 1654
Axel Stille servant to company Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Olof Persson Stille, millwright, farmer of Penningsby Manor, Lana Parish, Roslagen - with wife, two children; one 1 1/2 the other 7 years of age. Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Gustaf Strahl nobleman Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Anders Svenson sailor Orn 1654
Anders Svensson boatswain Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Jacob Svensson constaple from Askeryd socken Fama or Swan 1643
Johan Svensson sailor Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Lars Svensson freeman Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Sven Svensson a boy Fama 1644
Lars Swartz (Black) Orn 1654
Michel Symonssen first mate Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Elin Thomasdochter maid servant Orn 1654
Claes (Klas) Thomasson freeman Orn 1654
Martin Thomasson Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Alexander (Sander) Thorsson Orn 1654
Anton Thorsson Orn 1654
Jon Thorsson freeman Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Olof (Rolof, Olle) Thorsson (Tossawa) mid-shipman Kalmar Nyckel 1641
Olof Torkelsson boatswain Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Reorus Torkillus clergyman East Gothland Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Reorus Torkillus Clergyman Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Lars Anderson Ulf Gothenburg Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas 1641
Nils Matson Utter soldier Orn 1654
Joost van den Bogaert Director Freedenburg 1640
Gregorius Van Dyck Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Joost van Langdonk Factor of Colony Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Hendrick von Elswick Commander Gyllene Haj 1654*****
Isack von Eyssen (van Eisen) soldier from Stockholm Fama or Swan 1643
Hans Walter bookkeeper Orn 1654
Knut Martensson Wasa sailor Probably from Vasa, Finland. Charitas 1641
Peter Hanson Wendel ensign Orn 1654
Herman Willemsen Ship mate Kalmar Nyckel 1640
Anders Zakariasson soldier Orn 1654
20 families, about 50 persons Freedenburg 1640
23 soldiers Military Kalmar Nyckel 1638
Anders freeman the Finn Orn 1654
Anthony Slave Angola Vogel Grip 1638
Peter (Per, Peder) soldier Orn 1654
Samuel i (at Frijandan) Orn 1654
Skate freeman i (at the) Slobyen Orn 1654

*Died enroute, or shortly after landing
**Known to have stayed in New Amsterdam
***Known to have gone on to New Netherlands
****Multiple persons with this name on this voyage.
*****Arrived New Netherlands; Only some passengers went on to New Sweden

Based on: Amadeaus Johnson, 1911 See also [1]