Jesse De Forest weaver wife 6 children
Adrien Barbe dyer wife 4 children
Jan. Billet farmer wife 4 children
Gillam Broque farmer with young wife
Louis Broque farmer wife 2 children
Robert Broque farmer with young wife
Flipe Campion clothier wife child
Jean Campion baker wife 4 children
Ernou Catoir paigneur wife 5 children
Michelle Censier weaver wife child
Marq de Challe Channy farmer wife 2 children
Marq de Francoi Clitden farmer wife 5 children
Jacque Conne farmer wife 2 children
Piere Cornille wine maker with young wife
Jan. Damont farmer wife
Martin De Carpentier miller with young wife
Jan. De Crenne factor wife child
Abel De Crepy ouvrier de la navette wife 4 children
Marque de Jan De Croy sawyer wife 5 children
Nycolas De La Marlier dyer wife 2 children
Mousnier De la Montagne student of medicine young married man
Mousnier De la Montagne doctor young married man
Jan. De la Mot farmer with young wife
Phillippe De Le Ouvrier carpenter with young wife
Jacques De Lechielles brewer- young married man
Polle De Pasar weaver wife 2 children
Jan. De Trou paigneur en laine wife 5 children
Anthoyne De Violate wine maker wife 4 children
Anthoin Desendre farmer wife child
Jan. Du Carpentrij farmer wife 2 children
Theodor Du Four clothier wife 2 children
Michel Du Pon millner wife 2 children
Thomas Farnarcque blacksmith wife 7 children
Mari Flip
Mari Munier son of Mari Flip wife 2 children
Franchois Fourdrin tanner young man
P. Gantois student of theology with young wife
Pierre Gaspar
Claude Ghiselin tailor with young wife
Jan. Gille farmer wife 3 children
Jean Gourdeman farmer wife 5 children
Antoine Gremier guard soldier wife
Henry Lambert clothier wife
Jan Le Ca farmer wife 5 children
Jorge Le Ca charger wife 4 children
Gregoire Le Jeune shoemaker wife 4 children
Jan. Le Rou imprimeur wife 6 children
Jerome Le Roy weaver wife child
Antoinne Martin wife child
Jenne Martin with young wife
Phlipe Maton dyer wife 5 children 2 servants
Jan. Sage sairger wife 6 children
Gouerge Woutre wife 4 children
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