Ilya Yaroslavich of Novgorod was born 1018 to Yaroslav I Vladimirovich of Kiev (c978-1054) and died circa 1034 of unspecified causes. Ancestors are from Russia, Ukraine, Sweden.

Ilya Yaroslavich is a hypothetical prince of Novgorod (XI century), the supposed eldest son of Yaroslav the Wise [1]..

Ilya is mentioned only in the Novgorod Chronicle, according to which Yaroslav the Wise had a son, who was put in charge of Nizhny Novgorod. After his death, Vladimir became the ruler of Novgorod.[2]}} According to A. Nazarenko , Ilya was a prince of Novgorod from August 1018 to 1019 / 1020 [3], Янин относит княжение Ильи к 1030—1034 годам[4].

A. Nazarenko also put forward a hypothesis according to which it was Ilya who was the "son of the King of Russia", who was married to Estrid (Margarita) Danish (from her marriage to Jarl Ulv, the dynasty of Estredsen who ruled in Denmark went to Denmark ). Then the marriage in his opinion could be concluded only about 1019[3].

If Ilya really existed (many historians doubt his existence [5]), he could have been born only from the alleged first marriage of Yaroslav the Wise , and his mother was the first wife of Yaroslav (presumably Anna), mentioned in Titmar's chronicle under 1018, as being in captivity to Bolesław Polish [6]..

It is possible that Ilya also had another, "princely" pagan name, which has not reached us; perhaps, information about him was taken by a chronicler from a church memorial, where only the Christian name was used.

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