Herbert Clark Hoover, President of the USA, was born 10 August 1874 in West Branch, Cedar County, Iowa, United States to Jesse Clark Hoover (1846-1880) and Hulda Randall Minthorn (1848-1884) and died 20 October 1964 New York City, New York, United States of unspecified causes. He married Lou Henry (1874-1944) 10 February 1899 in Monterey, Monterey County, California, United States.

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Offspring of Herbert Clark Hoover and Lou Henry (1874-1944)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Herbert Charles Hoover (1903-1969)
Allan Henry Hoover (1907-1993)

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Herbert Charles Hoover (1903-1969)+Allan Henry Hoover (1907-1993) +
October 20, 1964 +
Herbert Hoover (August 10Herbert Hoover (August 10, 1874October 20, 1964), the thirty-first President of the United States (1929–1933), was a world-famous mining engineer and humanitarian administrator. As the United States Secretary of Commerce in the 1920s under Presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, he promoted economic modernization. In United States presidential election, 1928 Hoover easily won the History of the United States Republican Party. The nation was prosperous and optimistic, leading to a landslide for Hoover over the Democrat Al Smith, a Catholic whose religion was distrusted by many. Hoover deeply believed in the Efficiency Movement (a major component of the Progressive Era), arguing that there were technical solutions to all social and economic problems. That position was challenged by the Great Depression, which began in 1929, the first year of his presidency. He energetically tried to combat the depression with volunteer efforts and government action, none of which produced economic recovery during his term. The consensus among historians is that Hoover's defeat in the United States presidential election, 1932 was caused primarily by failure to end the downward spiral into deep depression, compounded by popular opposition to Prohibition in the United States. Other electoral liabilities were Hoover's lack of charisma in relating to voters, and his poor skills in working with politicians.s poor skills in working with politicians. +
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Herbert Clark Hoover +
Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, West Branch, Cedar County, Iowa, United States +
Herbert Clark Hoover +
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February 10, 1899 +
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