Famous descendants of Early Colonial Immigrant Brothers Henry Adams (1582-1646) (grandfather to two US Presidents) and Jeremy Adams (1604-1683) (settler list on Hartford Founders Monument. They both migrated to America from England, arriving in Braintree MA in 1633.

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  • Henry Adams (1609-1676) - (son) - militia leader killed in Indian Raid on Medfield MA. of Henry Adams 1609-1676 Robert Gene Adams 1946-2019 Iowa great grandson Robert Dean Adams 1923-1990 Iowa great grandson William Harrison Adams 1894-1958 Iowa great grandson Horace Nelson Adams 1846-1929 Ill .great grandson Benjamin Curtis Adams1814-1896 N.Y. great grandson Horace C .Horatio Adams 1777-1865 great grandson Daniel Adams 1740-1778 great grandson Elisha Adams 1719-1781 Vermont great grandson Jeremiah Adams 1691-1771 great grandson Henry Adams 1657-1773 Mass. grandson

Mexican-American War[edit | edit source]

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