Lt. Henry Adams, Jr. was born circa 1 January 1610 in Barton St. David, Somerset, England to Henry Adams (1582-1646) and Edith Squire (1587-1673) and died 21 February 1676 at the King Philip's War of killed by indians. He married Elizabeth Paine (1620-1676) 17 October 1643 in Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.



Sherborn MA memorial to King Philip's War casualties.

Lt Henry Adams Jr. was the son of Henry Adams (1582-1646) and Edith Squire (1587-1673), he married Elizabeth Paine (1620-1676) on October 17, 1643 in Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachucetts. He was the father of eleven children: Elizabeth born 1632, Eleazer, Joseph, Jasper, Elizabeth born November 11, 1649, Henry born July 14, 1652, John born July 14, 1652, Moses, John born February 18, 1656, Henry and Samuel

King Philip's War


King Philip's War (1675-1678) was an armed conflict between Native American inhabitants of present-day New England and English colonists and their Native American allies. The war continued in the most northern reaches of New England until the signing of the Treaty of Casco Bay in April 1678.


He was Massacred at his own front door by Indians in their attack on Medfield, Massachusetts on 21 Feb 1676 during King Philip's War. A Lieutenant of the Training Band (local militia), Clerk of the writs, and Representative to the General Court in 1659, 1665, 1674, and 1675.

He was killed, at the door of his house, 21 Feb 1676/77, during the Indian attack on Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA,& was probably buried nearby. His wife, Elizabeth, was accidentally killed the same day in Medfield & was probably buried near the house of Rev. Wilson in which she was killed. Their deaths are recounted in numerous histories of King Philip's War, George Madison Bodge's Soldiers in King Philip's War, p. 284, being one.


Burial and Memorial located nearby at Sherborn, Massachusetts.


Offspring of Lt. Henry Adams, Jr. and Elizabeth Paine (1620-1676)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Eleazer Adams (1644-1710)
Jasper Adams (1647-1742)
Elizabeth Adams (1649-1727)
Henry Adams (1652-1653)
John Adams (1652-1728)
Moses Adams (1654-1724)
Henry Adams (1657-1733) 17 November 1657 Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts 29 September 1733 Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts Prudence Frary (1662-1750)

Samuel Adams (1661-1682)


Offspring of Henry Adams and Edith Squire (1587-1673)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Henry Adams (1609-1676) 1 January 1610 Barton St. David, Somerset, England 21 February 1676 Medfield, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Elizabeth Paine (1620-1676)

Jonathan Adams (1614-1690)
Thomas Adams (1612-1688) 25 March 1612 Barton St James, Somerset, England 20 July 1688 Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Mary Blackmore (1613-1695)

Samuel Adams (1617-1688)
Ursula Adams (1619-1679) 19 July 1619 Barton St David, Somerset, England 19 July 1679 Charlestown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Stephen P Streeter (1600-1652)
Samuel Hosier (1614-1665)
William Robinson (1615-1668)
Griffin Craft (1600-1689)

Peter Adams (1622-1690)
John Adams (1622-1705)
Mary Adams (1625-1711) 10 November 1625 Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States 11 August 1711 Mendon, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States George Fairbanks (1619-1682)

Edward Adams (1629-1716) 18 April 1629 Kingweston, Somerset, England 12 November 1716 Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts Lydia Penniman (1635-1676)
Abigail Crafts (1634-1707)
Sarah Taylor (c1640-)

Jane Adams (1624-1654)
Joseph Adams (1626-1694) 9 February 1626 Kings Weston, Somerset, England, United Kingdom 6 December 1694 Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States Abigail Baxter (1634-1692)



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