Here are what we think are the most useful "Help" pages, divided into groups.

Grouping our boxes:

Getting started, for those who are new to editing on wikis
General help, tips and answers to a range of problems
Specific help, more adventurous things to do after a few dozen edits

(If you come across a problem that doesn't seem to have a solution, please let us know through the Help desk forum.)

Getting started[]

If you can type and click, you can edit most pages on this wiki.

  1. Find a page to improve. (If you want, you can practice in the Sandbox first. It's there for "practicing", or experimenting with something. It's a good place to get used to how the wiki works.)
  2. Click "Edit this page". (An "edit box" will open.)
  3. Type your new sentences or corrections (just like wordprocessing with MS or Lotus or WordPerfect)
  4. Click the "Save" button - (well, it may be wise to hit the "Preview" button first, in case of mistakes!)
  5. You're now a Web Publisher. Welcome to the team!

For a bit more about editing, and other pages to help you get a feel for the place, see:

General help[]

Later-encountered challenges[]

Here's a set of links dealing with matters that may come up with some frequency once you get really involved: