Property is a term used in Semantic MediaWiki similar to field names in a genealogy program or GEDCOM file. Examples on this wiki can be seen at, while the full list of over 900 (being the contents of a separate namespace) is shown at:

Each property needs a "value" (usually either a number or a character string) in relation to any individual page. Values are assigned when a user edits a box on a form or when specific declarations are made in different contexts.

The combination of property and value becomes a "fact" (not necessarily true!). Facts about an individual are, by default, listed at the bottom of the individual's sensor page, in order of property name. They can be on other pages with a small tweak. (They may be invisible to you, depending on your browser or other display settings.)

Several of our templates have names starting with "Showfacts". They take current facts from selected pages and display them in preselected ways. The most visible result is caused by {{Showfacts person}}, which puts the infobox at the top right of an individual's page and displays data that a user has entered either with a form or more manually.

Other templates display all pages that have a specified value or range of values for a specified property, and can display a selection of facts about each page, tabulated so that each column can be sorted in order of value.

Property pages[]

Individual property pages, such as Property:Death_nation, may show a short list of pages that use the property. There can be a limit to the number of times you can click "Next 25". Moving further down the list may be achieved with an address-bar tweak such as "".

Properties for notes and sources[]

Many of our "facts" are substantial paragraphs of "notes" or "sources". Yhey display with an initial asterisk. Within a single field on the form, if you want more than one asterisked paragraph, it is best to separate with "<new note>". That is an HTML tag. Other html tags may cause problems and are best avoided unless you know that they are trouble-free.

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