Copying from Wikipedia to this wiki is encouraged, wherever the source page has potential for augmenting with more specifically genealogical material.


Acknowledging the source[]

Whenever you do such copying from a page in the English-language ("en") version of Wikipedia, please add near the bottom of the page EITHER (if it's a page about a person) the following template:

"Person-enWP" inside double curly braces, i.e. {{Person-enWP}}

OR (for any other sort of page) the standard version {{Usedwps}}, which can be inserted with one click from the green sidebar icon (one of the four under the "Templates" heading in the standard skin).

Then before the final brackets paste a pipe - | (Shift+Backslash on standard keyboards) - plus the name of the Wikipedia article (unless the name is the same here as there). If the name differs (as it will for people in particular), please also create a redirect from a Familypedia page that has the same name as the Wikipedia page.

If the page itself is a template, you need to have the acknowledgment template inside a pair of opening and closing <noinclude></noinclude> tags. A better long-term place for the acknowledgment is on the template's documentation subpage.

You need to add similar attribution for other languages of Wikipedia and for other Creative Commons projects such as Wikimedia Commons.

Copy whole page, from the edit box[]

Unless copying just a sentence or two, please copy the whole page from its edit box. We can use nearly everything, even (eventually, we expect) the interwiki links to other languages (though they should be "commented out" initially).

"Place" pages[]

If creating a page for a place where any Familypedia person had any life event, please add at the top the {{Bdm}} template that will link to a subpage listing such events. Also very easy - one click on the green "Bdm" icon to the right of the edit screen.


Don't be afraid of leaving lots of red links (though there may be fewer than you expect). Any red link is an easy starter for a potential page. However, some we redirect back to Wikipedia: insert "wikipedia:" after the opening brackets, and if there's no pipe (|) in the link add one before the final brackets, e.g [[wikipedia:astrophysics|]].


Most images on Wikipedia will display on Familypedia with no further attention, because we are linked to Wikimedia Commons.

Images of people in the standard Wikipedia infoboxes can be left there but are better moved to our standard infobox - just by moving the whole code line if it is "| image =...". Best placed just before our "short name" line. If there is an image caption it will probably have "| caption =...": move that too but add "image_" in front of "caption".


Some Wikipedia templates are also here, or have specifically-designed FANDOM/Wikia versions with the same name, and should therefore transition seamlessly. Other common templates for which Wikia has differently named equivalents have been redirected and usually also transition seamlessly.

Infoboxes sometimes have code that we can't handle - solution for those can be just to delete a whole line of code. (User:Thurstan has noted that highway signs may have incompatible script and probably need that.)

Geographical coordinates on place pages have an extra problem but it's not insoluble. Here's most of the explanation:

... in 2017 Wikipedia did the "coordinates in infoboxes" updates, which updated all the place infoboxes not to need the coordinates separately, but to read them from the "coordinates" template. When you copy something like Hokitika from Wikipedia, you have to go back in the history to find that update, and get the old parameters. If you look at some of the many that other people have copied since then, they get an error message rather than the dot appearing on the location map. Thurstan (talk) 02:17, November 18, 2020 (UTC)

Any other templates you find may be worth adding. Check Help:Templates and its external links (particularly to the Starter Pages wiki and the Templates wiki) or start a forum item to see if any other user wants to help or has a better idea.


Categories from Wikipedia do no harm, though we may redirect some or simply change some links. (See next section for details.) Before Wikia departed from the "red link" standard, you might see a red one, but now (except on the first "preview") you have to click to see if a category exists here. Where a new link points to a category that we don't have and that is not redirected, please give it the same parent categories as Wikipedia gives it (subject to the exceptions noted below).

Renaming Wikipedia categories[]

This table shows how some of the Wikipedia categories are renamed on Familypedia.

Note that entries for year also apply to decades, centuries and millennia.

Wikipedia name Familypedia name
year births Born in year - or use {{Born}} BUT JUST DELETE IF BIRTH YEAR IN INFOBOX
year deaths Died in year - or use {{Died}} BUT JUST DELETE IF DEATH YEAR IN INFOBOX
year establishments Established in year
year establishments in XXX Established in year in XXX
year disestablishments Disestablished in year
US State counties Counties of US State
XXXish emigrants to YYY Migrants from XXX to YYY
Populated places in XXX Settlements in XXX
Populated places established in year Settlements established in year
Populated coastal places in XXX Coastal settlements in XXX
Categories named after populated places in XXX Categories named after settlements in XXX
Populated waterside places in XXX Waterside settlements in XXX
Populated riverside places in XXX Riverside settlements in XXX
XXXish people People of XXX
XXXish monarchs Monarchs of XXX
XXX alumni Alumni of XXX

Pages deleted from Wikipedia[]

We can copy them too, but should try to go through the history to list the registered authors. For thousands of such pages, saved from oblivion, see the Speedy deletion Wiki, founded in 2012 but collecting earlier and future deletions

The following box contains the Central Wikia help on this subject: