This page was originally intended to provide a "fast link" to page creation for a range of "person" articles. You could select an "input box" to create an article with a particular format. However, before you create your first page, it would be good if you could read Help:Articles/start for additional information on page creation, including recommended page name conventions. You can reach Help:Articles/start by clicking "Create or edit article" in the menu at the top of most pages.

For "person article titles" (except for royalty and nobility), please always use the form Given-name Optionally-middle-initial-or-preferably-at least-one middle-name-if-known Surname (YOB-YOD)
unless you are using a Wikipedia name exactly;
Just a hyphen (not an en-dash) and no spaces between dates; use "c", "bef", and "aft" (also without spaces) to condition the dates.

Strongly recommended format using Semantic MediaWiki[]

Around 2008, we had a semi-automated system called "info pages". Now that the much superior Semantic MediaWiki has become available, the latter is the only recommended basis for creating pages for individuals. The system uses Form:Person.

Pages created without Semantic MediaWiki do not link automatically to and from other pages (e.g. relatives and places and years) and miss out on numerous time-saving and semi-automatically updated enhancements such as ancestry trees, descendant tables, sibling lists, and child lists. See the "Create or edit article" link or menu near the top of most pages. We urge you to read the "guidance" page at least once before creating new person pages, then read it again after creating a few.

Other page styles[]

These may be good for articles about families or lists of descendants etc but are not good for individuals' pages.

  1. Old standard format (When you want just a little more than basic stuff, plus some optional guidance and preloaded headings but will never want automatically updated tables of siblings or children or an automated mini-biography narrative) <createbox> preload=Help:Starting pages/Genealogy:People Template buttonlabel=Create old-style standard article bgcolor=palegreen width=50 break=no </createbox>
  2. Boxed format (Old-style format with some of the information in boxes but no automatic updating of tables etc) <createbox> preload=Genealogy:Person Template buttonlabel=Create BOXED article bgcolor=Thistle width=50 break=no </createbox>
  3. Infobox format (Page layout similar to the Wikipedia biography infobox style — but modern standard pages created with Form:Person are like that too while being more versatile and displaying more information for no more work) <createbox> preload=Help:Starting pages/Infobox Layout editintro=Help:Starting pages/Infobox Layout/Intro buttonlabel=Create INFOBOX article bgcolor=mediumpurple width=50 break=no </createbox>

Create your own?[]

Any article created with one of these templates can be modified to meet specific needs. If you find yourself having to modify many articles to meet your requirement, consider creating a template of your own. (Try Forum:Help desk for help with this if you wish). Bear in mind, though, that other relatives may want to help and may prefer a standard style easier to work with and to link from.