The Hashimites of Kakori, is an online collection of genealogical records of the Alavi and Abbasi families of Kakori, India.

It is a revision, update and rendition into English of two classical Urdu reference works namely, Nafhatun Nasim, which is an authentic record of scions of a sixteenth century sage Mulla Abdul Karim Alavi by Amir Ahmed Alavi published in 1934 and Abbasiyan-i- Kakori, the family tree of Kakorian Abbasi family by Muhammad Hasan Abbasi published in 1945. In its present form, Hashimites of Kakori contains genealogical records of an intricate familial hierarchy that evolved predominantly from three houses, the Moulvis, Makhdooms [cf Alavi]and Qazis[cf Abbasi] The patriarchs of all three houses were emigrés hailing from the Banu Hashim clan [ cf Hashemites]of the Quraysh tribe of Hejaz (in present day Saudi Arabia) [cf Banu Quraysh], who settled in Kakori since the early advent of Islam in the region, back in the 1400s.

Their ensuing generations, being passionate in their resolve to protect their Arab heritage, have fostered matrimonial alliances preferentially with the people of authentic Arab descent to embrace allies into their folds, thereby, cultivating a very tradition-bound society with its home in Kakori until the diaspora following the foundation of Pakistan in 1947. Today, Kakorian Hashimites are spread far and wide across Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Middle East, Pakistan, UK, and USA. The website Hashimites of Kakori is one of the largest listing of Alavi and Abbasi families comprising of over 7000 records spanning almost 1600 years showing in some cases 50 generations of Alavi and 60 generations of Abbasi families.

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