Harriet Sanders (1824-1896)

Early Mormon Pioneer born as Helga Ysteindatter in Norway.

Vital Stats[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Harriet was born in Norway with the name Helga Ysteinsdatter in Bakkejord, Tinn-Telemark, Norway. She is the younger sister of Ellen Sanders (1823-1871) who had married Heber earlier. Ellen and her parents migrated from Norway to Beaver Creek, Iroquois Co, Illinois sometime prior to 1837. In 1837/1838 both of her parents died there.

The two girls, newly arrived in America were left orphaned when their parents died that year. They were adopted by strangers and moved to La Salle Co, Illinois. In 1842 mormon missionaries came the area and many were baptized into the Latter Day Saint church there. The area came to be known as New Norway.

Harriet travel to the Salt Lake Valley in the big Heber C Kimball wagon train of 1848. It is possible that she had an infant daughter, Anna Marian Kimball, with her at that time. She is not listed with any other family.

Children of Harriet Sanders and Heber C Kimball[edit | edit source]

  1. Anna Marian Kimball (b 1848) - died infant, Anna Marian Kimball on the 1848 wagon train
  2. Harriet Kimball (b1852) (born & died 8 May 1852)
  3. Hyrum Heber Kimball (1855-1943) - m. Elizabeth Hale
  4. Eugene Kimball (1863-1932) - m. Margaret Eldredge

References[edit | edit source]

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  • Land of the Midnight Sun- Story of the Immigration of the Sondresen Family from Norway to Utah. Chapter 8 is the biography of Harriet Sanders.Anna
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