Hans Pedersen of Log
Sex: Male
Birth: before June 26, 1814
Log farm
Farsund, Norway
Baptism: June 26, 1814
Herad parish
Farsund, Norway
Death: 1895 (124 years ago)
Klungeland farm
Farsund, Norway
Father: Peder Andreas Hansen of Log (1790-1849)
Mother: Maren Sophia Olsdatter of Gullestad (1791-1868)
Siblings: Pernille Helene Pedersdatter (1812)
Anna Pedersdatter (1816-1831)
Olene Andrea Pedersdatter (1819-1912)
Ole Mattias Pedersen (1822-1914)
Helene Elisabeth Pedersdatter (1825-?)
Peder Pedersen (1829-c1830)
Hans Elias Pedersen (1837-?)
Spouse/Partner: Anne Marie Berntsdatter (1827-1884)
Marriage: March 15, 1853
Herad parish
Farsund, Norway
Children: Peder Martin Hansen (1853-?)
Bernt Andreas Hansen (1855-1915)
Anne Martine Hansen I (1858)
Hans Elias Hansen (1860-?)
Anne Martine Hansen II (1863-?)
Hans Emanuel Hansen (1866-?)
2nd Spouse: Kristiane Johannesdatter (c1820-?) of Klungland
2nd Marriage: November 04, 1884
Herad, Farsund, Norway

Hans Pedersen of Log (1814-1895) aka Hans Pedersen of Log; aka Hans Log Pedersen (b. before June 26, 1814, Log farm, Herad parish, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway - d. 1895, Klungeland farm, Herad parish, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway)



He was born before June 26, 1814 on Log farm, Farsund, Norway.


Hans was baptized on June 26, 1814 at Herad, Vest-Agder, Norway.


Hans had the following siblings: Pernille Helene Pedersdatter (1812) who died as an infant; Anna Pedersdatter (1816-1831); Olene Andrea Pedersdatter (1819-1912) who married Villum Larsen (1816-1896); Ole Mathias Pedersen (1822-1914) who married Thea Johanne Torstensdatter (1825-1865); Helene Elisabeth Pedersdatter (1825-?); Peder Pedersen (1829-c1830) who died as an infant; Peder Andreas Pedersen (1831-?) who married Serine Larsen (1840-?) aka Severina Larsdatter; and Hans Elias Pedersen (1837-?).

First marriageEdit

Hans married Anne Marie Berntsdatter (1827-1884) on March 15, 1853 in Herad, Vest-Agder, Norway. She was listed as "Anne Marie Bernt Tobiasdatter", and he was listed as "Hans Pedersen". Anne was the daughter of Bernt Tobias Haagensen of Gjerstad farm.


Together Anne and Hans had the following children. All the children were baptized at Herad parish:

Klungland farm, Farsund, NorwayEdit

The Herad Bygdebok, lists Peder Andreas Hansen of Log (1790-1849) selling "bruksnr 2" (Farm Parcel #2) on Klungland to his son Hans Pedersen of Log (1814-1896). Hans and Anne Marie appear in the 1865 Norway Census living at Klungland farm, Herad parish, Farsund, Vest-Agder, Norway. She is listed as "Anne Marie Berntsdatter" and he is listed as "Hans Pedersen".

Second marriageEdit

Hans married Kristiane Johannesdatter of Klungeland (1841-?) on November 04, 1884 at Herad parish, Vest-Agder, Norway. She was the daughter of Johannes Filip Jacobsen of Tellifsen, and this was the second marriage for both of them. She was 27 years younger than him.


Hans died in 1895 at Klungland.

Klungland farm, Farsund, NorwayEdit

His son, Bernt Andreas Hansen, took over Klungeland farm until his own death in 1915. The farm was then taken over by Hans Johnsen.


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