Gregory Baxter was born circa 1606 in England to John Baxter (c1580-) and died 21 June 1659 Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Margaret Paddy (1609-1661) 1631 in Massachusetts.


GREGORY BAXTER. Of this branch in America we first hear of the name of Gregory Baxter, who probably came over with Winthrop, or certainly in the fleet with him, from England. He was one of the first settlers of Roxbury, in 1630. He was probably still in Roxbury when his son John was born, in 1639. He then moved to Braintree, and settled in that part then called Ruggles Point, afterwards Bent's Point, but now called Quincy Point. He was there in 1640. In 1643 the Boston Records show power given to Goodman Basse and Goodman Backster, both of Braintree, to buy the overplus in the Three Hill Meadow there. In 1631 he was admitted a Freeman; March 6, 1631, was the date of his oath.

Gregory Baxter was a contemporary of the Rev. Richard, of England, though the latter was born at Rowton, England, in 1615, and it is not improbable that Gregory came from the same neighborhood; indeed, Gregory is thought by some, and tradition holds that he was as near a relative as brother, but of this I have not yet ascertained the truth.

Marriage and Family

Gregory married Margaret Paddy, the sister of William Paddy, of Plymouth, a very distinguished man in that vicinity, his name appearing on many public papers and records.


  1. BETHUI.IA, or BETHIA, b. 1632 : m. Samuel Bearing, of Braintree.
  2. JOHN, b. Dec. 1, 1639: m. Hannah White, of Weymouth : d. Apr. 21, 1719 : farmer.
  3. ABIGAIL, m. Joseph Adams, of Braintree Nov. 29, 1G50.


Offspring of Gregory Baxter and Margaret Paddy (1609-1661)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Bethia Baxter (1632-)
Abigail Baxter (1634-1692) 28 March 1634 Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 27 August 1692 Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts Joseph Adams (1626-1694)
John Baxter (1639-1719)




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