Giovanna Riario Sforza was born 29 July 1797 in Vienna, Austria to Rafaele IV. Riario Sforza (1767-1797) and Beatrix von der Lausitz (1774-1806) and died 25 March 1855 in Paris, France of unspecified causes. She married Laval Nugent von Westmeath (1777-1862) 26 November 1815 in Naples, Campania, Italy. Notable ancestors include Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Alfred the Great (849-899), Willem van Oranje (1533-1584), Robert I of Scotland (1274-1329). Ancestors are from France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Russia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Bohemia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Ukraine, England, Turkey, the Byzantine Empire, Sweden, Israel, Ireland, Scotland, Canaan.
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Offspring of Laval Nugent and Giovanna Riario Sforza (1797-1855)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Albert von Nugent (1816-1896) 25 September 1816 Naples, Italy 31 July 1896 9, York-buildings Adelphi, London, London, England Teresa Bachmann (1833-1916)

Beatrice von Nugent (1818-1880) 12 January 1818 Naples, Italy 26 April 1880 Vienna, Austria Massimiliano Strozzi-Sagrati (1797-1860)
Leopold von Croy (1827-1894)

Giovanna von Nugent (1821-1874) 1821 Vincenza, Veneto, Italy 15 January 1874 Florence, Tuscany, Italy Antonio Pallavicini-Fibbia

Gilbert von Nugent (1822-1864) 1 June 1822 Vincenza, Veneto, Italy 2 November 1864 Naples, Campania, Italy
Leontine von Nugent (1824-1850) 30 November 1824 Vincenza, Veneto, Italy 15 August 1850 Oscar Grimaud d'Orsay (1824-1909)

Arthur von Nugent (1825-1897) 17 March 1825 6 August 1897 Croatia Marija Dittković von Zitomir (-1894)



Footnotes (including sources)

₪ Wedding
  • Gentlemans magazine 1816, p.82



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