George Woolsey (1610-1698) was born 27 October 1610 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom to George Woolsey (-1629) and Frances Roberts (1585-1652) and died 17 August 1698 Flushing, Queens County, New York, United States of unspecified causes. He married Rebecca Cornell (1629-1713) 9 December 1647 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, United States.


Offspring of George Woolsey and Rebecca Cornell (1629-1713)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sarah Woolsey (1650-1734) 3 August 1650 Flushing, Queens County, New York, United States 18 August 1727 Newtown, Queens County, New York, United States William Hallett (1648-1729)
George Woolsey (1652-1739) 10 August 1652 New York, United States 19 January 1740 New York, United States Hannah Van Zandt (c1654-c1729)
Thomas Woolsey (1655-1741) 10 May 1655 Flushing, New York, United States 11 February 1741 Bedford, Westchester County, New York, United States Ruth Bailey (1660-1714)
Rebecca Woolsey (1658-1731)
John Woolsey (1660-1721) 12 January 1660 Flushing, Queens County, New York, United States 10 June 1721 Jamaica, Queens County, New York, United States Abigail Stevenson (c1646-1715)
Mary Woolsey (1663-bef1673)
William Woolsey (1665-bef1691)
Mary Woolsey (1673-aft1731)




  • 1610 - Born [1][2]
  • 1616 - Christened at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England[3]
  • c1623 - Moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands with parents.
  • 1643 - Moved to New Amsterdam [4]
  • 1646 - Was a witness for his brother-in-law Tomas Willit.
  • 1647 - Bought land at Flushing, Long Island, NY.[5] [6] Married Rebecca Cornell >ref>They were married in the Dutch church in New York. George in the marriage record, the name George Woolsey was disguised in Dutch and was called “Joris Wolzen;”[7]
  • 1648 - Adriaen Keyser Thomas Hall, Martin Krigier and George Woolsey were appointed fire wardens to inspect the houses in the city by New Amsterdam Governor Peter Stuyvesant.
  • 1648 - 26 Apr; Hendrick Bresart; Rebecca; Joris Wolsie, Jan Daly, Jonas Nuyting, Rebecca Wolsie - New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1646 - 1655 [8]
  • 1650 - 7 Aug; Joris Wolsey; Sara; Breyne Nuyting, Sara Van Brugge, Susanna Breser - New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1646 - 1655
  • 1652 - 13 Oct; Joris Wolsy, Rebecca; Joris; Carel Verbrugge and his wife, Hendrick and Elsje Nuton - New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1646 - 1655
  • 1653 - 20 Apr; Rendel Huwits; (no name given); Thomas Hall, Joris Wolsy, Elsje Nuton, Britje Baxster - New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1646 - 1655
  • 1653 - Was named as a cadet in the New Amsterdam (Burgher) Second Corp of Militia.[9]
  • 1657 - Was summoned to City Hall being one of the tapsters. [10]
  • 1658 - Named in a law suit - Jan Aarsen or Jan Coopal, pltf v/s Joris Wolsy, Thomas Waldron, Philip Minturn, and Nicholas Emmerson, defts [11]
  • 1659 - Named as curator for estate of Isaac Allerton, the elder deceased.
  • 1659 - Mentioned in the Estate of Joris Home [12]
  • 1664 - Bought land from John Baylies Jr. in Jamaica, Queen Co., NY. [13]
  • 1662 - 2 Jul; Richard Cornell; Elisabeth; Georgie Wolsy, Sara Bridge - New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1661 - 1665
  • 1664 - 19 Mar; Joris Wolsy, Rebecca; Marritie; Carel Van Brugge, Maritie Jacobs Varrivanger - New Amsterdam (New York City) New York Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1661 - 1665
  • 1664 - Rentioned involving the estate of Joris Hom. [14]
  • 1683 - Was mentioned in "A List of the owne Estate of Jemaica. Anno 1683." [15]
  • 1686 - Was listed in a new patent to the town of Flushing issued by Governor Dongan.
  • 1691 - Recorded a will in Orange Co., NY [16]
  • 1698 - Will Proven.


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