George Joyce was born 22 September 1859 in Bo Bo Creek, New South Wales, Australia to Benjamin Joyce (1821-1890) and Ann Trotter (1827-1907) and died 9 February 1931 Thora, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Sword (1859-1930) 16 March 1881 in Wingham, New South Wales, Australia.


Offspring of George Joyce and Elizabeth Sword (1859-1930)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Isabella Ann Joyce (1881-1951) 20 December 1881 Wingham, New South Wales, Australia 9 March 1951 Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia Frederick Thomas Cleaver (1878-1959)
Emily Joyce (1883-1945) 1 September 1883 Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia 5 March 1945 Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia John Woodward Cleaver (1877-1956)
Lillian Ivy Joyce (1886-1963)
Thomas Vincent Joyce (1887-1960)
George Harold Joyce (1890-1930)
Mabel Alice Joyce (1892-)
Rose Tilston Joyce (1895-1943)
Ada Martha Emily Joyce (1898-)
Oswald Edgar Joyce (1901-1977) 3 July 1901 Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia 21 March 1977 New South Wales, Australia Nellie May McPherson (1898-1976)


Mr. George Joyce, Senior, of Thora.

"Northern Courier": News was recelved by the Bellingen police at about one o'clock on Monday, 9th. February, 1931, that Mr. George Joyce, senr., of Thora, was thought to have been drowned at the Bellinger River crossing leading to his son's farm about 6 miles from town. Sergeant Rankin proceeded immediately to the scene, and every effort was made by him and a party of searchers to locate the missing man.

From inquiries made it was ascertained that Mr. Joyce was seen riding from Thora towards the river crossing leading to the property, at about eleven o'clock in the morning. At 12.30 his horse was discovered standing on the opposite bank of the river, together with his dog. The saddle was wet, while a sac coat, tied with rope, and an overcoat, which was thrown across the saddle, were also both wet.

The horse, however, appeared to be quite dry, indicating that it had been out of tfhe water for some time. One stirrup iron was thrown back over the saddle seat, indicating the possibility of the rider having fallen off the horse, pulling the iron over with his foot in doing so.

Examination was made, first on the roadside entrance to the crossing, and marks plainly showed that a horse had entered the water at that spot On the opposite bank, about 250 yards further down the stream, there were marks where a horse had quite recently struggled out from the stream, and Mr. Joyce's horse was standing within about 20 yards of this spot when discovered.

At the time the stream was running very strongly, with approximate ly six feet of flood water. A particularly sad feature about the affair is that it is only a few weeks since Mr. Joyce's son was drowned at the same crossing.

The body of deceased was recovered on Wednesday.

Deceased has relatives at Wherrol Flat, near Wingham. He was an aged man.

The Wingham Chronicle And Manning River Observer, 13 February 1931, page 5

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