George Gardner
Sex: Male
Birth: February 15, 1599
Death: 1677
Father: Michael Gardner
Mother: Margaret Browne
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Slaughter
Marriage: March 29, 1630
2nd Spouse: Herodias Long
2nd Marriage: abt 1640
3rd Spouse: Lydia Ballou

George Gardiner-Surname also spelled Gardner, 6th child and fourth son of Reverend Michael Gardiner/Gardner & Margaret Browne. Michael was the Rector at parish church of the Holy Cross, Greenford Magna, Middlesex, England beginning in 1584. Acording to the current rector, Michael was the first to have preached from the King James. George Married Sarah March 29, 1630 at St. James Parish Church, Clerkenwell in London, England and had at least 3 sons with her: Edward-1631, Robert-1633 & Benoni-1636 after which he emmigrated to the United States. When he landed at Aquadneck off the coast of Rhode Island only his youngest son Benoni accompanied him. There are reports none that I have been able as yet to substantiate (all the church records were sent to the main church records office vault for copying, while I was in England) but Sarah and the two eldest sons are said to have died either on the trip over and were buried at sea or prior to the voyage. His second marriage to Herodias Long took place in Newport, RI and they had 7 children. This marriage was the secome for both of them and took place in a Quaker meetinghouse in the Quaker tradition and would later be regreted by Herodias and she tried to get a divorce which was not easy in colonial America. There are stories that she walked to Boston to try to get her divorce, which suggests she was greeted with much resistance to her quest. The fact that she took her new born on this trip made some think she was even more mad. Others questioned the validity of the Quaker union. The matter caused so much consternation, that the Rhode Island body of governors or legislature took up the matter and declared the marriage legal. She then got a divorse and remarried. George then married Lydia Ballou in either Kingston or Newport, RI. I believe they may have a 2 children.

Children[edit | edit source]

Name Birth Death
George Gardner and Sarah Slaughter

Edward Gardner 1631

Robert Gardner 1633

Benoni Gardiner 1636

Rhode Island, USA

References[edit | edit source]

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